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How Do You Know You Are In Ketosis?

Part of following the keto diet is, well, getting into ketosis! But how do you know you are in that state? What are good ketosis levels? How do I check my ketone levels? Do I have to use ketone strips?

We get it, these are burning questions that you just GOTTA know! That’s where this article comes in. Let’s get started learning about how to tell when you are in ketosis.

Are You Feeling Sick?

One way to know that your body is entering ketosis is known as the “keto flu.” Your body is going to start using ketones as its energy source instead of glucose. And some of you will experience what we call the “keto flu.”

But, this does not automatically mean you are in ketosis. It’s just your body figuring out how to get energy from a place that’s not glucose.

We only get into nutritional ketosis when our body starts making adequate ketones to become our main energy source for organs and muscles. Most often, this happens after your keto flu goes away and it could take a few days to weeks depending on the person.

Signs You’re Really In Ketosis

Okay, now onto the good stuff. Here are the signs you are in ketosis, whether or not you had the keto flu. These 8 signs are all things to look for as a symbol that your body has moved over to fat as its primary source of energy-hooray!

I will warn you, some of these aren’t as good as the others. Just be ready when it hits!

Ketones Found in Breath or Urine

This is probably the best way to tell whether you are in ketosis.  You can get keto testing strips for urine or blood. These mostly examine AcAc levels but not BHB, so it’s not going to be exact.

However, they are a good picture of whether or not you are in a state of nutritional ketosis, especially when we compare them with other signs on this list.

It’s a good idea to maintain levels of .5 to  3 millimolars to lose fat on the keto diet. Anything higher could mean starvation, and you need to eat enough to feel satiated, complete your daily tasks, and just feel right.

For other ways to see how you can get into ketosis and do it fast, check out our “How Long Does It Take For Ketosis To Work?” article!

How Do You Know You Are in Ketosis

“I Gotta Pee, Again!”

Yes, frequent trips to the restroom are signs you are in ketosis. The body is depleting its glycogen reserves and this yanks water from the muscles. As a result, kidneys are filtering and pumping out more liquid.

This is why you must drink water often as you do the keto diet. Keep a bottle handy.

Fast Weight Loss

Remember, calories in versus calories out is the only way we can lose weight. But since you are cutting carbs, water weight loss can happen as a result of fluid losses.

If you look or feel less puffy/bloated, it’s probably water weight going out the door.

But if you were a person that ate heaps of sugary snacks before keto, it is also likely that this deficit of calories is causing you actual fat loss.

More Productive Workouts

Fat is a good source of energy for elite athletes, so if you are able to metabolize fat in a more efficient manner, you can do better at various types of exercises! Research indicates that ketosis could offer athletes a better time in recovery and bring them more energy.

If you discover you’ve got more ‘zip” when you do your workouts, it is likely you’ve become adapted to burning up fat.

Greater Focus

Forget those gross-tasting energy drinks or other “supplements” designed to help focus. Keto could be all you need. You might experience a bit of brain fog at the start thanks to the keto flu, but getting into ketosis is good for boosting focus and mental clarity. Some people even report feeling in a better mood and having a sharper memory while they are on ketogenic diets.

Lowered Appetite

If you find that you just don’t feel as hungry, and you can go longer between meals without eating, chances are you are in ketosis.

We don’t know exactly why this is, but we think it is because fat brings more constant energy as opposed to carbohydrates and won’t cause blood sugar spikes. Also, keto foods are known to be satiating and ketosis keeps hunger hormones at bay.

How Do You Know You Are in Ketosis

Keto Breath

Better add sugar-free gum or breath strips to your shopping list. As the ketones in your body are produced at a greater rate, acetone is released when you exhale outward. This creates a fruity smell. If you smell this happening, it could very well mean ketones are in the works.

If that smell annoys you or you work nearby others, make sure to brush your teeth or utilize sugar-free breath refreshers like sprays and gum to keep yourself smelling great.

Wrapping It Up

It can be hard to tell whether or not you are in ketosis completely without getting a blood test, but by making use of Ketone Strips you get from Amazon or your favorite retailer, you can have an easier time telling.

It is a method that is affordable and convenient for most of us.

Be sure you are also paying mind to how the diet makes you feel. Pay attention to the insides, too! If you feel full of energy and you’re satisfied with what you’re eating, you are winning. But on the other hand, if you feel like the keto flu is kicking your butt or you just don’t think the ketogenic lifestyle is for you, that’s OK too.

Keto Is Awesome, But Not Easy!

That’s where we come in, make sure to check our blog daily for ideas and advice on how to stay on top of the keto lifestyle. Good luck and keep it keto!