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Is Dark Chocolate Allowed on A Ketogenic Diet

If you’re one of the people wishing to lose weight while being allowed a sweet treat now and then, you’re certainly not alone. Most people who wish to lose weight by following the keto diet often wonder the same, especially those who love chocolate.

If you’re one of the people mentioned above, let us put your fears to rest: yes, you can consume dark chocolate while on a ketogenic diet.

If you’re not convinced this is true, we shall explore the same in-depth in the following sections, along with a few product reviews of the best dark chocolates we could find that complement the keto diet.

Benefits Of Eating Dark Chocolate On Keto

Since we’ve established that you can consume dark chocolate while you’re on a keto diet, let us examine how it benefits those wishing to stay in ketosis. In understanding the benefits dark chocolate has to offer keto followers, you’ll be able to see why it can be a healthy part of your chosen lifestyle.

Dark Chocolate Is Low In Carbs

One of the biggest reasons many people steer clear of strict diets such as keto is that it restricts the number of calories you can consume in a day. Sadly, most sweet treats and desserts have a much higher calorie content than a keto diet makes allowances for.

The same cannot be said for dark chocolate. Dark chocolate – particularly good quality dark chocolate – contains a much smaller amount of carbs than milk chocolate and other sweets and candy. The overall net carbs (the number of carbs less the fiber content) of dark chocolate is quite low, which is why it can be used in keto meals or eaten as a keto snack.

Therefore, you can enjoy the odd square of dark chocolate now and again or even use it in keto foods like desserts, etc., without having to worry about whether or not you’ll have to compromise on your body’s ketone levels.

Is Dark Chocolate Allowed On A Ketogenic Diet?

Dark Chocolate Is More Likely To Have Keto Sweeteners

While there are many keto snacks out there such as keto bars, etc., the most satisfying (and popular) of these is dark chocolate. Nothing can quite replicate good old authentic dark chocolate and brands that cater to keto followers are well aware of this.

Therefore, you’re likely to find several brands that sell dark chocolate that has been sweetened using strictly keto sweeteners than those that sell other sweets. Keto sweeteners such as erythritol mo stevia and monk fruit are often used to flavor dark chocolate treats. These sweeteners are ideal for keto foods as they have a much lower calorie content than sugar does.

Dark Chocolate Contains Essential Nutrients

Unlike most other candies and sweets, dark chocolate contains a host of essential nutrients that can benefit your health in the long term. Minerals such as iron and copper are present in significant quantities in dark chocolate, which can be greatly beneficial to those following the keto diet.

Also, dark chocolate contains many antioxidants essential to helping you stay in good health overall.

Product Reviews

Let us know go through reviews of some high-quality dark chocolate products we could find for those following keto.

ChocZero 70% Dark Chocolate

ChocZero 70% Dark Chocolate, Sugar free, Low Carb, No Sugar Alcohol, No Artificial Sweetener, All Natural, Non-GMO - (3 Bags, 30 pieces)


These dark chocolate squares are something of a favorite among long-time keto followers. The reason behind this is simple: it has very low carb content. Those wishing to maintain their ketone levels and stay in ketosis can rest assured that this product will support these goals as mentioned earlier.

Moreover, this dark chocolate does not contain any sugar, artificial sweetening agents, or alcohol. Instead, it contains a blend of fiber and monk fruit that lend their sweetness to it. What’s more – this dark chocolate product is rich in antioxidants that help boost your overall health.

Those following low-carb diets such as keto can enjoy these dark chocolate squares without having to compromise their weight loss goals in the least. If you wish to avoid GMOs or gluten as well, this product should be an ideal choice for you.

Lily’s Extremely Dark Chocolate

Extremely Dark chocolate Bar by Lily's | Stevia Sweetened, No Added Sugar, Low-Carb, Keto Friendly | 85% Cocoa | Fair Trade, Gluten-Free & Non-GMO | 2.8 ounce, 4-Pack


Lily’s is a highly-reputed brand that produces a host of chocolate products for those following the keto diet. This dark chocolate bar contains 85% of premium cocoa. It contains only 3 net carbs in each serving, making it one of the most keto-friendly snacks available currently.

All the ingredients contained in this product are non-GMO, gluten-free, and obtained using fair trading practices. As for how it’s been sweetened, you don’t have to worry about it as it does not contain any sugar. Instead, it’s been sweetened using a natural sweetener – stevia. The addition of stevia makes the dark chocolate taste richer than it would with sugar or other sweetening agents.

Additionally, most users who have been purchasing this product for a while claim that it does not spike blood sugar levels either.

Alter Eco Classic Blackout Organic Dark Chocolate

Alter Eco | Classic Blackout | 85% Pure Dark Cocoa, Fair Trade, Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Bar, 12 Bars


This 85% cacao dark chocolate bar is one of the best keto chocolate bars available today in terms of taste. It may be costlier than most other dark chocolate keto bars, but the high-quality ingredients used in it certainly justify the hefty price tag.

This bar is best suited to those who are fond of the rich, strong flavor of dark chocolate. The cacao used in it is sourced directly from the coast of Ecuador, where some of the best cacao in the world is exported from.

This chocolate is made using non-GMO, organic ingredients and is available in packaging that can be recycled. Also, this company prides itself on using fair trade only for all its products.

If you purchase the 12-pack, you’ll receive an e-book free containing various keto recipes you can use it in.


All in all, eating dark chocolate when on a ketogenic diet is not only permissible, it’s often advised. Its high nutrient value and low-calorie content are the main reasons dark chocolate is considered one among several tasty keto foods.

While there are several brands out there that produce great keto dark chocolate, we’ve covered the most popular ones for you above. All you need to do now is take your pick and treat yourself now and then.