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Best MCT Oil For Keto

When you’re on a keto diet, you’re eating very few carbs and lots of fats. But the type of fat you eat matters; some fats are inherently better for you than others, and those are the fats you should try and have the most of when you’re in ketosis.

MCT fats are an excellent example of healthy fats, and MCT oils containing these fats have become a very popular supplement for people trying out a keto diet.

Today we’ll be giving you a review of some of the best MCT oils for keto diets we could find and explaining why exactly MCT oils are so good for you if you’re trying to stay in ketosis.

What Are MCT Oils and Why Are They Good for Keto Diet?

If you’re not entirely familiar with what MCT oils are and why they contain so many health benefits, allow us to explain a little bit.

MCT stands for “medium-chain triglycerides,” which basically means that MCT oil primarily contains a type of fat called triglycerides. These triglycerides are bonded together in chains that are of medium length.

The molecular structure of these fats lets your body digest them a lot more easily, which is good because MCT oil has tons of health benefits:

  • MCT oil helps your body release hormones that decrease your appetite
  • MCT fats can be converted into ketones, helping to keep you in ketosis
  • MCT oil has been shown to be effective as a supplement for weight loss
  • Your body can process MCT fats more quickly than other fats, which can give you a quick energy boost.
  • MCT oil can potentially be beneficial to the health of the good bacteria in your gut

MCT oil can be found in foods like dairy products and palm oil, but it’s most commonly extracted from coconut oil. Coconut oil is one of the best sources of MCT fats; over half of the total amount of fat in coconut oil comes from MCT fats.

There are four types of MCT fats that exist, but the ones that are most commonly used when making MCT oil are capric and caprylic acid.

Product Reviews

Now that you know pretty much everything you need to about MCT oils, let’s get right into the product reviews. We took a look at the most highly rated products on Amazon when compiling this list, and we compiled a list of eight MCT oils that appeared to be particularly popular.

Let’s get started!

Bulletproof Brain Octane C8 MCT Oil

Bulletproof Brain Octane C8 MCT Oil from Coconut Oil, 16 Fl Oz, Provides Mental and Physical Energy, Keto and Paleo Friendly, Made in USA

We’ll begin with Bulletproof’s MCT oil. This one of the most popular MCT oils on Amazon, and it certainly seems to have a lot going on that supports this popularity.

Bulletproof emphasizes that their MCT oil is produced only from coconut oil and not from palm oil. They claim that this makes their oil more easily digestible than MCT oil from other sources. They also claim that on top of this, their MCT oil produces four times as much ketone energy in your body as plain coconut oil does.

Bulletproof’s MCT oil is made of 100% caprylic acid, and they claim to use a pressure-only extraction process that doesn’t rely on potentially harmful chemical solvents. They also claim to refine their oil with only water, heat, and more pressure, again in contrast with other MCT oil manufacturers that use chemicals to refine their products.

Unfortunately, all of this high quality and purity comes at a price, and Bulletproof’s MCT oil is a bit more expensive when compared to other MCT oils. You can order Bulletproof MCT oil in a 3-oz, 16-oz, or 32-oz bottle.

Sports Research MCT Oil

Premium MCT Oil derived only from Non-GMO Coconuts

Next on our list, we have Sports Research’s MCT oil. This MCT oil may actually be the most popular MCT oil on Amazon overall, based on the total number of positive ratings it has received.

Like Bulletproof’s MCT oil, Sports Research’s oil contains oil derived entirely from coconuts; no palm kernel oil is used in this recipe. Unlike Bulletproof’s MCT oil, however, this oil doesn’t just contain caprylic acid; this MCT contains the whole spectrum of MCT fats, which also include capric acid, caproic acid, and lauric acid.

Sports Research MCT oil is flavorless and unscented, and you can use it as a replacement for pretty much any kind of traditional oil when it comes to cooking.

But you can also use this MCT oil in ways you wouldn’t normally use cooking oil; for example, you can add this MCT oil to pretty much any kind of beverage you want, including protein shakes and even coffee or tea.

Sports Research MCT oil is also priced a lot more reasonably when compared to several of the other MCT oils we reviewed. You also have the option of ordering a 128-ounce jug of Sports Research MCT oil, although that option currently isn’t available on Amazon.

Horbäach Keto MCT Oil

Keto MCT Oil 64 oz | Huge Size & Unflavored| Blends with Coffee, Tea, and Juice Drinks | 100% Pure | Vegetarian & Non-GMO | by Horbaach

If you’re interested in getting the best value for money out of your MCT oil, then Horbäach’s MCT oil perhaps the best choice for you. Not only does it have a low cost per fluid ounce, but it also comes in a hefty 64-oz jug, so it’ll be sure to last you a long time.

Despite its low price, it doesn’t seem as though this oil compromises too much in terms of the quality of what you get. This MCT oil is free from gluten, soy, lactose, artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives, and it’s also vegan-friendly.

Horbäach claims that their oil is versatile enough to be used in pretty much anyway. It’s apparently good as a non-dairy creamer or as an ingredient in sauces, salad dressings, and protein shakes. They claim you can even use it as a skincare or haircare product.

This MCT oil is made from 60% caprylic acid and 40% capric acid. However, we should mention that unlike the MCT oils we’ve talked about before, this one isn’t made entirely from coconut oil; instead, Horbäach uses a blend of coconut oil and palm kernel oil in their recipe.

Viva Naturals Organic MCT Oil

Organic MCT Oil for Morning Coffee - Best MCT Oil Keto Supplement for Sustained Energy, Paleo Diet Certified, 32 fl oz

While not quite as popular as some of the other MCT oils available on Amazon, this oil from Viva Naturals is still one of the most-reviewed oils on the site. It’s another oil that’s a little bit on the expensive side, but it’s clear that this oil doesn’t feature any compromises in quality.

Viva Naturals’ oil is made entirely from organic coconut oil and features no additional palm kernel oil or other supplementary oils. It’s also virtually free of any taste or smell, and as such, it can make a great ingredient in pretty much any kind of salad dressing or sauce, and it can even be added to smoothies and coffee.

Viva Naturals’ MCT oil is tested by a third-party company to ensure that each bottle meets high-quality standards. It’s not only suitable for people following keto diets, but it’s compatible with paleo diets as well.

Nature’s Way Organic MCT Oil

Nature's Way 100% Potency Pure Source MCT Oil from Coconut - Certified Paleo, Certified Vegan, Non-GMO Project Verified, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, 30 FL Ounce (Packaging May Vary)

Many of these MCT oils appear almost identical to one another, and this oil from Nature’s Way is no exception. That’s not a knock against any of these products; it’s just a simple fact that there’s not a whole lot of variation in the way MCT oil is produced.

The difference between these oils is subtle and often boils down to what pricing and a few minor variations in the type of MCT fats used. In this case, Nature’s Way MCT oil is priced fairly reasonably when compared to other MCT oils but doesn’t really sacrifice any quality for this price.

You still get an MCT oil made entirely from coconut oil, and you get a mix of both caprylic acid and capric acid in this oil. Nature’s Way also promises that this MCT oil uses a chemical-free extraction and refinement process.

Bean Envy MCT Oil Powder

MCT Oil Powder with Collagen and Prebiotic Acacia - Pure MCT's - Perfect for Keto - Energy Boost - Nutrient Absorption - Appetite Control - Healthy Gut Support – Unflavored

As you can tell, this is a slightly different product than what we’ve been reviewing so far. While most MCT oils are in a liquid form, Bean Envy has somehow managed to make an MCT oil supplement in the form of a powder.

Not only is it an MCT oil powder, but it also contains collagen sourced from grass-fed cows and acacia fiber. It uses both caprylic acid and capric acid in its formula, and it’s completely free of sugar, dairy, and gluten.

Bean Envy MCT oil powder is available in a container size of 1-1.2 pounds. One scoop of powder is about half an ounce, meaning that a single container will probably last you about four weeks, depending on how big your scoops are.

This powder is available in several flavors, including chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, peppermint mocha, salted caramel, and unflavored. Just add it to any drink of your choice, including water, and it’s ready to take.

Island Fresh Organic MCT Oil

Organic MCT Oil for Keto Diet | Perfect for Morning Coffee, Helps Support Increased Energy | Made from 100% Organic Coconuts (16 fl. oz)

Another great option if you’re interested in quality first, this MCT oil from Island Fresh is made entirely from coconut oil. It contains three-quarters of the MCT fat spectrum (caprylic, capric, and lauric acid).

Island Fresh also promises that their oil is almost entirely free from any taste and that you can add it to any beverage you want for a quick boost of energy.

Perhaps the only downside with this MCT oil is that it’s only available in one bottle size, which is 16 ounces. On the other hand, this enables the overall cost of this product to be pretty cheap. So, if you don’t frequently take MCT oil, you might prefer this brand over the others.

Verdana Organic Coconut MCT Oil

Verdana USDA Certified Organic Coconut MCT Oil – Fractionated – 100% Genuine – No Palm Kernel Used - Kosher Food Grade– Pure- Vegan – Non GMO– Great for Keto, and Paleo Diets– (1 Gallon)

While this MCT oil isn’t nearly as widely reviewed as any of the others on this list, we felt as though we should include it because it offers some pretty incredible value and quantity.

Verdana is the only manufacturer on this list that offers their oil in a 1-gallon container. They also claim that their MCT oil has a much longer shelf life than other oils and won’t solidify at room temperatures after a long period like some oils do.

This oil is great for keto diets, but it’s also suitable for many different uses, including as a massage oil and even as an ingredient in cosmetic and aromatherapy products.

Their oil is also free from any palm kernel oil and is certified kosher, vegan, non-GMO, and organic. If you want to take advantage of a bulk deal and purchase a lot of MCT oil at once, it’d be pretty hard to do better than this.


There are many different brands of while MCT oil out there, and while most of them are largely the same in terms of how they’re made and their overall effects, they all differ slightly in aspects like their quality, purity, and overall value for money.

So regardless of what your quality and budgetary standards are, you’ll no doubt be able to find an MCT oil that suits all of your needs if you’re currently looking for one. Hopefully, we’ve made your search a little bit easier!