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Best Protein Powder For Keto

Welcome to Our Guide!

In today’s post, I am going to cover 8 different keto-friendly protein powders. It will help you decide which one is best for you. Come see what our team tried out!

Ready to see what the best protein powders are for your keto diet? You are going to have a hard time choosing, as we found all of these to be great when it comes to staying in ketosis and feeling satisfied.

Perfect Keto’s Cinnamon Smoothie


My #1 Pick: Perfect Keto’s Whey Protein

They say you should save the best for last, but we saved the best for first. This protein powder tastes so good, and you can get it in a tasty chocolate or vanilla flavor or go with the unflavored option.

I personally have chocolate and unflavored at home. The latter mixes well with coffee; the former is excellent for a meal replacement.

This features isolate protein, which means less lactose. You can also look forward to MCTs, which provide you greater satiation and focus. And the whey is pure, from dairy cows fed with grass as nature intended.

The formulation also includes those great MCTs we keto dieters need. Remember, MCTs are awesome because they metabolize faster than the usual fats we eat in our diet.

You will get a good boost of ketones, which will keep you thinking clearly and keep you focused as the day goes on.

Perfect Keto Pure Whey Protein Powder Isolate Delicious 100% Grass Fed Meal Replacement Shake No Artificials, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Non-GMO (Chocolate)


Does Perfect Keto Work?

A million times, yes! All Perfect Keto products were created with the help of a doctor by the name of Anthony Gustin.

He made sure to craft things keto dieters could eat and enjoy, but keep ketosis going. The ingredients in this powder are no exception. You will love the taste and energy.

What Customers Say?

Amanda D Says: “Best protein ever, I love the taste and the smooth texture. It is so easy to get that protein or if I just want to enjoy a treat.”

Ms. S says: ” I love this! I have both vanilla and Choco flavor. They are so tasty, and there is no after taste, which is what I was actually looking for. I can’t stand after taste. I also like that it has zero additives, junk or fillers. Thank you, Dr. Gustin, and the rest of you at Perfect Keto!”


  • Comes in Unflavored option
  • Tastes great
  • Customers love it
  • Contains MCT oil


  • It is expensive
  • You might get tired of chocolate/vanilla.

Giant Sports International: Keto Cheesecake Shake Mix

New York Style cheesecake for breakfast? Count us in. Our team liked the taste, but the ingredients of this shake are what really makes it shine. It contains real cream cheese and 15g of keto fat fuel to keep you feeling satisfied all morning long.

There are only 4 carbs in one serving. It’s made responsibly in a cGMP facility, which is also NSF and FDA approved. Rest assured, you are getting a sanitary and clean product.

Does Giant Sports International Keto Cheesecake Work?

Yes, this product is definitely a quality option when it comes to keto protein powders. It is especially good for people who have struggled in the past with cravings for sweets or treats.

One thing we noted is that it does not have that great MCT oil, so the fats are not metabolized as quickly. That being said, it will definitely keep you in ketosis while providing a great taste.

What Customers Say?

Tamcam Says: This is the best keto-friendly shake, YUM. Zero sugar but really tastes like cheesecake. You can throw in some berries or fruit and blend it up if you want to make a smoothie.

Justin B Says: I followed the directions to mix it, but it was just too sweet for me. Then I increased the water, and it was like drinking a real cheesecake. I am going to freeze it for ice cream. Big thumbs-ups!


  • Real New York cheesecake flavor
  • Price is reasonable
  • Made with real cream cheese


  • No MCT Oil
  • Customers noted it was VERY sweet.

LevelUp: Keto Vanilla Sweet Cream Shake

You can choose between two flavors here, but our group only tried out the Vanilla kind. It is pretty good, featuring collagen, butter, and whey isolate all provided by grass-fed cows.

Lastly, you will love the C8 MCT oil, it is triple filtered for purity, too. It’s got less than 1g net carbs per serving, and it’s so easy to mix. We were able to blend it with just a spoon into coffee.

Grass-fed Keto Protein Powder: Collagen Peptides | Pure C8 MCT Oil | Irish Butter | Whey Protein Isolate | Best Ketogenic Protein Shake Supplement | by LevelUp® (Vanilla Sweet Cream)

Does Keto Vanilla Sweet Cream shake by Levelup Work?

Yes, this is a great product that does what it says. It’s got collagen and butter included, so you get those skin benefits and that extra satiety.

It will not separate if you leave it sitting for a while- one teammate of ours has a tendency to get caught up in work and forgets to eat. Her shake was still delicious after an hour! It will definitely keep you satisfied all morning.

What Customers Say?

J Herron Says: “I love that this has so much in one little packet. You get butter, MCT, and collagen! I smelled it, and at first, I did not think it would be any good, but I was wrong. It has a nice flavor. I will buy more when I run out.”

Madre Says: “It really tastes like a vanilla shake. I mix with unsweet almond milk, and it is really smooth. Just add ice, and you get that nice Frappuccino consistency. It is just 125 cals with my almond milk. I am going to make Keto bread with this also. This is a game changer for me.”


  • Comes in 2 great flavors
  • Mixes and blends easily
  • Contains MCT, butter, and collagen in one


  • A bit expensive for the product
  • The smell is not good.

Preferred Elements: Keto Collagen Powder with MCT Oil

This contains great MCT Oil Powder plus electrolytes, so you get energy but also keep those ketone levels where they need to be. It is a great way to get a quick meal but stay in ketosis.

The inclusion of collagen means you get to enjoy healthier hair, nails, and skin, too. It’s sweetened with Stevia and comes in great chocolate or vanilla flavor. Our team personally tried chocolate; it tasted good.

Does Preferred Elements Keto Collagen Powder Work?

Absolutely, yes! When we mixed it up and tried it, the powder mixed up pretty easy and went down easy- we did not have to choke it down.

You will stay satiated as you drink this, and it’s all thanks to that great MCT oil powder and electrolytes included. You’ll feel focused and energetic, too.

What Customers Say?

VidChick Says: I wanted to add collagen to my meals, and this is the way to go. You get MCT oil powder, which is a great bonus. It gives me a nice energy boost. I am glad to have found this product, and I want to buy more.”

Artur says: “I was taken by the good price and the nice chocolate flavor. The texture is good, and the taste is great without any after taste. I add it to my coffee instead of the creamer. I got into collagen because of stomach trouble, which is a natural way for me to make a difference. I am very pleased with my purchase.”


  • Two great flavors to choose
  • Great price
  • Provides healthy keto fuel and skin/hair/nails benefits


  • The jar is small for the price
  • Not as much fat as other shakes

Isopure: Keto-Friendly Protein Powder, Vanilla

Isopure is a classic in the world of fitness supps and shakes. They are a brand you can trust, when I was getting into the gym about 10 years ago, I recall my brother using Isopure to help him get his nutrition.

Now it is back again, this time with a whey protein isolate that gets you 25g of protein, great vitamins and minerals, and of course, keep you on the keto path.

This stuff does not focus so much on the MCTs or the collagen side of things but is still good in terms of taste and nutritional content.

Isopure Low Carb Naturally Sweetened, Zinc for Immune Support, 25g Protein, Keto Friendly Protein Powder, 100% Whey Protein Isolate, Flavor: Vanilla, 3 Pound (Packaging May Vary)

Does Isopure Keto Powder Work?

Yes, this stuff works. There are heaps of flavors to choose from, we just had the plain ol’ vanilla, and it was great.

It will absolutely keep you going all day long thanks to its high protein content. Great for you keto guys and girls that want to lift heavy and enjoy easier recovery. You won’t feel hungry or unfocused after drinking one of these great shakes.

What Customers Say?

Braxton Aldrich Says: “The viscosity is smooth, the taste is good, and the nutrition is solid. I am getting quality protein, minerals, and vitamins in every scoop. It tastes good and is true to the description.”

Mike Says: “I mix 2 scoops with a quarter-cup heavy cream, tablespoon of MCT, and fill it up with unsweetened almond milk. Then I shake it up, and it mixes really well. I am going to get the 3lb container next time.”


  • Tons of flavors to choose
  • Comes in a huge container
  • Price is good for the jar size


  • Not as “clean” as other shake mixes
  • No MCT oil in this blend

Keto Science: Meal Shake, Chocolate

This is another great, classic, keto-friendly shake. We liked this one because it got you a whopping 20g of fat per serving, that keeps you going all workday long.

You get 10g of protein for added satiation, too. It’s got a smooth, great taste you will come back to day after day.

Does Keto Science Meal Shake Work?

Yes, this works. It’s got everything a keto dieter needs to feel and eat healthy. You get coconut MCTs, Collagen peptides for healthy and smooth looking skin, grass-fed butter and avocado oil.

It’s the perfect package, and it mixes great into shakes, smoothies, coffee, and more. We tried the chocolate flavor, and the taste was just fine. Not as great as other brands, but not gross by any means.

What Customers Say?

Marian Says: “I lost 24 lbs. just by drinking this two-times a day and eating a no-carb meal for my dinner. I drink about 4 of these jars each month and love ordering from Amazon.”

Inga says: “It tastes so good; I am not giving it up even when I hit my goal. I work third shift at my job, so this keeps me going all night long. It helps me stick to keto, which is hard because I cook for my large family.”


  • Great price for the shake
  • Offers avocado oil, MCT, and collagen
  • 20g of fat per serving


  • Only 14 servings in a jar
  • Comes in just two flavors

Orgain: Keto Collagen Protein Powder, Chocolate

This is an excellent protein powder that gives you, a keto dieter, everything you could want. You get a 2:1 ratio of protein to fat, and 10g of grass-fed collagen peptides plus 5g of MCT oil powder.

It mixes well with coffee or any liquid, really- we put it into our coffee and shakes, and it added a nice, creamy texture to the drinks.

Orgain Keto Collagen Protein Powder with MCT Oil, Chocolate - Paleo Friendly, Grass Fed Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides Type I and III, Dairy Free, Lactose Free, Gluten Free, Soy Free, 0.88 Pound

Does Orgain Protein Powder Work?

Yes, this is a fine product. It keeps you feeling satiated for a good, long while, and is lactose/dairy-free.

What Customers Say?

Aria Beesting Says: “This is my favorite, dissolves in hot coffee and makes a great morning treat. I also make smoothies with it using water and ice. I have it on “subscribe and save.” The deep and rich flavor is unmatched.”

Jon Says: “The best thing is the taste. This is a dark, rich flavor. It tastes like a Michelin chef made it. You can mix it into anything to make it taste palatable, such as green shakes of kale, broccoli, and sprouts. I rate it 5 stars.”


  • Free of dairy and lactose
  • Great chocolate or vanilla flavor
  • Supports healthy hair, bones, skin, and nails


  • The jar is smaller than the rest
  • Price is high for the amount you get

Garden of Life: Organic Plant-Based Protein Powder, Vanilla

All you organic eaters out there, listen up, here is your protein powder. It is a vegan, dairy, and soy-free, no added sugar vanilla protein powder.

It offers you support for your immune system thanks to the included BCAAs, plus gets you antioxidants in the form of goji berries, blueberries, tart cherries, and apples. It’s clean nutrition, and it will keep you satisfied all day long.

Garden of Life SPORT Organic Plant Based Protein Powder Vanilla, 30g Protein per Serving, Premium Vegan Protein Powder for Women & Men, Plant BCAA, Recovery Blend, 19 Servings - Packaging May Vary

Does Garden of Life Powder Work?

Yes. This stuff provides athletes a chance to recover strong and human beings that are busy, active people a way to eat well and feel satiated without all the impure and unclean ingredients found in processed foods today. It’s not heavy on the keto staples like MCT oil or collagen, but won’t get you out of ketosis, either.

What Customers Say?

VM says: “I like the ratio of protein to carbs, it’s 4:1 in this particular blend. It is a top-notch protein powder. I don’t think the taste is chalky. I don’t experience stomachaches, bloating, or any pain like I get with some powders.”

Persephone Says: “I ordered the chocolate after getting some packets at a store. I mix it with almond milk and blend in things like chia seeds and bananas. It makes a breakfast I can actually enjoy.”


  • Clean, pure energy
  • Comes in vanilla and chocolate flavor
  • Blends Easily


  • Contains no MCT oil or Coconut/Avocado oil/Collagen

Benefits of Protein Powders in Keto Diet?

There are many reasons you should incorporate a protein powder into your keto lifestyle!

Here are just some of the great benefits:

  • It provides a quick and easy meal replacement when you cannot have real, wholesome foods.
  • Keto shakes taste delicious and sweet and can satisfy the sweet tooth we get while in this lifestyle without bringing us out of ketosis.
  • Keto shakes are dense with nutrients, energy, and the stuff we need to look and feel our best, such as collagen and oils.
  • You can make it as thick or as thin as you like. You can mix with water for a lower calorie option or choose almond milk for a delicious milkshake-like consistency. Ice works well, too.
  • Collagen is the structural protein for our connective tissues. If you can get your hands on a protein powder that is keto-friendly and has this, you are getting an essential nutrient.
  • Protein powders that are keto-friendly help you build muscle, especially that lean muscle mass, but you won’t fall out of ketosis.
  • You can use the powders in other recipes, like keto cookies.

Beginners Guide to Protein Powders for Keto 

Types of Protein

You have to be very careful about choosing a good protein powder on keto. Many of the ones sold at the big box stores, supplement shops, and supermarkets are to be avoided. On keto, there are only five types of proteins that will give you the results you desire.

They are:

  • Collagen Protein-Helps build healthy skin, hair, nails, and supports lean muscle growth.
  • Vegan Protein-such as chia, garbanzo, flax and pumpkin seed among others
  • Egg Whites- These are high in BCAAS and are naturally low in carb.
  • Beef Protein- Good source of clean protein for anyone who cannot consume dairy
  • Whey- You get all 9 essential amino acids in this type of protein, which Is derived from milk.

Picking the Right One

  • If you are a consumer of animal products, look for proteins that offer “grass-fed” or “pasture-raised” ingredients.
  • If you are a plant-based eater, choose sources such as sunflower seed, pea protein, or any of the sources we listed above.
  • Ingredient labels can say nice things like “natural” or “keto-friendly”, but it’s best to double-check that it contains top-notch ingredients.
  • Fewer ingredients is always better, and you will want to make sure it’s free of supplement additives such as fillers, disintegrants, and preservatives.

Avoid These Ingredients:


  • Artificial flavors and colors
  • Food colorings
  • Fillers or preservatives
  • Sucralose, High fructose corn syrups, aspartame- any added sweetener that is NOT stevia should be avoided on keto.

Dirty Protein v. Clean Protein

This is a reiteration of what we mentioned a bit earlier, but it is important, so we want to really drive the point home. It is critical to choose clean proteins from sources such as:


  • Collagen
  • Egg whites
  • Grass-fed beef powder
  • Grass-fed whey powder
  • Good vegan protein powder

Whichever of these clean proteins you desire, make sure your protein powder of choice is free of any bad ingredients that don’t add to your mix. The cleaner the label, the more benefits you get out of the powder.

Best Protein Powders for Keto

Why My Protein Powder Matters?

Protein powder matters because you need the amino acids it provides. Without these amino acids, you cannot repair or grow the muscles you work. Your cells won’t be able to make critical enzymes.

Here are some other consequences of lack of protein:

  • Atrophy of neurons- your brain needs amino acids to function at its peak. Neurons can be lost if you do not get enough.
  • Lowered performance in workouts- Without adequate protein, you will not be able to build or maintain muscles.
  • Reduced immune system- If you do not get enough arginine, you could end up with dysfunctional T-cells, which are necessary for immune system regulation.
  • Greater risk for disease- Lack of amino acids increases your risk of developing ailments like acute asthma, hypertension, cancers, and cardiovascular disease, plus others.

Protein Powder Is Versatile

You should incorporate a healthy protein powder into your diet because of how versatile it is.

Here are some great ways you can enjoy your keto protein powder:

  • As a drink or shake
  • As part of a smoothie
  • In your favorite keto baking recipes
  • Re-creating foods to be keto-friendly such as keto pancakes

We hope this guide has been helpful to you in choosing an excellent keto protein powder! If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment below or send us a message.

Good luck and enjoy!