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BPI Sports Review

Hi, my name is Emily, and I was going to use this review as a way to talk to you about a few keto products I have tried. I discovered that the Keto diet is the way for me to manage my weight and feel my best, so it’s what I prefer to follow.

Now it’s not so easy at times to get and stay in ketosis, so I rely on the use of some products to help me out.

I started out using BPI Sports products, but eventually, I discovered something that I find to be a lot better. BPI Sports is pretty good, but I actually have something that works even better for you to check out.

Using these products, I have managed to lose 20 lbs, keep it off, and feel great about wearing my clothes, swimsuit, and I know I will look awesome for my sister’s wedding that I’m going to be standing up in.

A little about me, I am 32 years old, 5’6″, and I now weigh in at 135 lb. This is a comfortable weight for me- previously I was at 155, and while I didn’t look terrible, I didn’t feel my best.

I incorporated weight training and a bit of cardio each week; nothing major, I do a 1-hour session 4x a week. This, combined with my keto lifestyle, really helped me out.

Take Keto OS

So, if you’re interested in these great products, keep reading.

My Story: Why I Began Using BPI Sports Products

As you know, I got into the keto lifestyle. I needed some supplements that would really help me stay on track and keep me motivated to keep it going, plus keep my body in ketosis.

I learned from a friend about BPI Sports. I tried out a few of their products, which I will talk about in the upcoming segments.

I did not try ALL of their Keto stuff, and I only bought the following:

  • BPI Keto Weight Loss
  • Best Pre-Workout

They make more than that. However, let me tell you about what I thought/my opinion on the products.

Regarding Keto Weight Loss

This is a diet pill that is produced here in the USA by BPI. You can get it on Amazon or just by going to their website. It costs $27, and if you take it every day as directed, it will last 25 days.

Most of the time, diet pills are based on stimulant ingredients or ingredients that are natural but mimic stimulants, but this one works differently.

It works to stimulate ketosis or a state in which your body begins to use its stored fat as a means of providing energy to itself after being denied carbohydrates. The formula has caffeine just so you know.

This is by no means a magic pill; you have to still really limit your carb intake to about 40g a day if you want to see results.

So, the question is, did these things actually work? Potentially. I was following my keto diet to a tee and also using these. I felt they sped up the process; however, I did not formally test this.

I felt like my appetite was suppressed, which helped. I also did not experience the keto fatigue you get sometimes.

So, all in all, I’d say these were pretty decent.  I did think the price was a little high. Imagine if you had to order this month after month; you’d be spending enough for a down payment on a new car.

BPI Sports Keto Review

Regarding Best Pre-Workout

Next up, I’d like to discuss the pre-workout that I started using from BPI Sports.  This is billed as the “first-ever ketogenic pre-workout.” I don’t know how much I believe this, as I am sure there are other keto-friendly pre-workouts out there.

That being said, this was a good product, all things considered. For example, the flavors you can choose from are great. You can enjoy Tropical Freeze, Blue Lemon Ice, Watermelon Ice, or Apple Pear flavor.

I personally bought the Blue Lemon Ice, and it tasted pretty good.

So, this product works by accelerating the process by which the body uses ketones or fat as a means of getting energy. It works by using the exogenous ketones medium-chain triglycerides or MCTs and BHB or beta hydroxybutyrate.

You also enjoy a burst of energy with this supplement, great for powering those intense workouts.

I enjoyed my daily drink of the Blue Lemon Ice. The routine would go as follows, mix up a glass of this stuff and gulp it down, get changed for the gym, and take a ride to the actual facility.

By the time I got there about 20 minutes later, I would feel that buzz and begin my warmup with excitement.

I don’t mean a tingly feeling, either- I really felt like my brain wanted to work out and was telling my body to get active. So, don’t worry about any weird feelings with this one. It’s nothing but great taste and good energy.

This stuff also helped out on non-workout days. Without carbs, my brain sometimes got a little foggy. This stuff helped me out; I would drink some before work, and it helped me stay on task.

Regarding Keto Revive

Now my friend who got me started with the keto lifestyle told me about the Keto Flu she experienced when going through the change for the first time. I had heard of this also from my research about the lifestyle, and I certainly wanted to avoid it.

Nobody likes being sick, and nobody wants to miss work on purpose.

This stuff is what prevents you from feeling that way. The reason we get the keto flu is that our body is adapting from the use of glucose for energy to the use of ketones or stored fat for energy.

The body excretes excess water as we cut back on carb intake. This leaves your body deprived of vitamins and minerals and results in a greater loss of energy and focus.

Keto Revive helped me to an extent by getting me the electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals I needed to stay feeling somewhat good. I did not avoid the keto flu altogether, but still made out better than my friends did.

So, as you can see, I had a pretty good outcome when it came to using BPI Sports products. They’re not terrible by any stretch of the imagination. I’d wholeheartedly say go for it if you really are interested.

However, I do know of a much better product line, and I’m excited to talk about my experiences with them now.

BPI Sports Keto Review

What I Discovered and Why I Stopped Using BPI Sports

Ultimately, I discovered that there are better products out there. Like I said, BPI Sports isn’t bad by any means. However, I don’t think their business specializes in the production of Keto supplements.

Their focus is shifted away from producing the best keto stuff there is in favor of making sure they are producing other stuff, such a protein shakes or apparel, which they also offered.

Nothing wrong with that; after all, a business has to stay evolving so they can stay relevant and solvent. I respect that.

But not only did I discover the better alternative to BPI Sports, but also their reviews are not all that it’s cracked up to be. Here are some Amazon reviews that I found.

I paraphrased them for the sake of brevity, but I encourage you to go read some yourself.

On BPI Best Pre Workout

“I brought myself out of ketosis just to see if this did what it claimed… I tested myself this morning before drinking, and I was negative for ketones. I drank this, fasted all day, and I was STILL ketone- negative. It tasted OK, but don’t tell me this stuff jumpstarts anything that can be done with any old supplement.”- PS

“Tried it with the hope of finding a pre-workout that was made just for keto, this was not it. The taste was so bad. I felt like I could feel my heart beating out of my chest. And at one point, I got a migraine.” -Carolyn Harrison

“No longer any good… my first two containers were OK, but the third one I got is totally different. It tastes and smells weird. It doesn’t mix up very well. It just clumps and sticks to the side of the shaker.” – Amazon Customer

On Keto Weight Loss

“It did nothing, and there was no info with it to tell me how to make it work.” – Carol A. Hadley

“They did not suppress my appetite at all. I felt like I got hungrier. It probably has something to do with the 200mg of caffeine in the three pill dosage, and you are not supposed to take these with food. I felt so jittery. I drink a lot of caffeine, so I don’t know what happened.” – Christopher Hummer

“I have been taking these for about 2 weeks now, and I feel the caffeine in this really flares up my anxiety. It makes me feel worse about taking it unless I can occupy my mind all day long. It does give me energy, but once I do fall asleep and get back up again, it becomes the hardest thing. – PummillsBuy

On Keto Revive

So I could not find any negative reviews of Keto Revive, but on my own personal experience, I did not totally avoid the keto flu as the product says you will. Yes, I felt energetic, yes, I felt OK, and while I still had symptoms such as a runny nose, I did not avoid it altogether.

Remember, we are in the midst of a pandemic right now, so when you display symptoms of a cold, some people get worried. I had to explain to my co-workers; it was the keto flu and show them my keto meal plans, etc. I reassured them I did not need to go home.

BPI Sports Keto Review

What I’m Using Now: How I Kept That Weight Off

So, this is where I am finally going to tell you about Perfect Keto, the product that I found to be a much better solution for those that want to get and stay in ketosis.

Or maybe you had a carb day, and you need to get back into it faster. (Happens, especially when you attend family cookouts, during these summer months. Can’t turn down my aunt’s homemade potato salad.)

I am absolutely in love with what you can get from Perfect Keto. My favorite is the Exogenous Ketone Base, which has a chocolate-y taste, and I actually look forward to taking it each day.

They also make lots of delicious keto foods that you can enjoy. I made some keto fat bombs using their great MCT oil, and they were, hands down the greatest ones I had made yet.

The supplements helped me stay in ketosis, too. Aside from stocking up on the chocolate Exogenous Ketone Base, and the MCT oil, I got my hands on two other great products, their Electrolytes and their Perform Keto Sports Drink, which is a better pre-workout than what I was using before.

The pre-workout does only come in one flavor, lemon, and I don’t mind this. I liked that with BPI, I had the chance to choose from many flavors. But this performs so much better, that I can definitely settle for a one-flavor pre-workout.

This stuff has so many more benefits, too. You get all the stuff your body needs to perform at the gym, such as BCAAs, L-Citrulline, and it’s all sweetened with Stevia. There’s even creatine monohydrate which I love, as I’ve gotten into lifting weights recently.

Now let me say a few words about the Electrolytes. This compares to Keto Revive but is much better. It contains a total of 4 electrolytes that are great for ketosis. The capsules are super easy to swallow.

And, the electrolytes absorb into the body better in my opinion. This definitely would have helped my keto flu a lot better, as that is what other customers were saying. I could have definitely prevented the painful Charley horses I got when going into keto, also. Customers noted it really helped with those muscle cramps.

It is also worth noting the reviews are nearly perfect on all of these products- you can’t make everyone happy, but these guys come darn close.

BPI Sports Keto Review

About Perfect Keto

Let’s talk about the brand and what they can offer you. I’d like to use this section to discuss some brand background and what they have to offer customers.

So, a little history: The brand was started by a doctor- Dr. Anthony Gustin, to be precise. On the website, Dr. Gustin says, “The Keto diet is the most powerful diet for losing weight, improving your health, and preventing numerous diseases.”

Dr. Gustin started Perfect Keto because he wants everyone everywhere to have an easier time boosting their health, but with ingredients, you actually want to ingest.

Perfect Keto Is Real Ingredients

This brings us to another good point: Perfect Keto really takes pride in offering products with only quality ingredients. They focus a lot on real foods, and I appreciate this.

You ever take a fitness supplement or protein powder only to find it tastes like a mix of cardboard and dog poo with just a hint of “chocolate,” “vanilla,” or whatever flavor they’re trying to imitate?

Not the case when it comes to Perfect Keto. They put a big emphasis on making a commitment to real foods, which is why I love them so much. They use stuff we naturally love to eat, like cacao, coconut, vanilla bean, macadamia nuts, and sunflower, among others.

The foods and supplements you get from Perfect Keto are free of the following:

  • Artificial ingredients
  • Fillers and chemicals
  • Grains and gluten
  • Corn and soy
  • Added sugars

I have to admit, the products they sell do taste great. I have enjoyed the Keto cookies, which come in three flavors. The peanut butter is my absolute favorite, but the double chocolate is beloved by many customers. You can’t go wrong with the chocolate chip, either- they’re a classic.

Keto Starter Kits by Perfect Keto

I think the greatest thing about Perfect Keto is the starter kits they offer. These are such a great deal, and this is why I recommend Perfect Keto above all else to keto newbies. These packs have everything you need to get started.

Perfect Keto Starter Bundle for Ketogenic Diet - Best to Burn Fat and Support Energy - Exogenous Ketone Base, MCT Oil Powder, Grass-Fed Keto Collagen and Ketone Testing Strips (Chocolate)

You just bring your willpower and your desire to eat right and work out, and you take these supplements, and you will see results.The Perfect Keto Starter Bundle is a product I wish I’d had when I started.

It has all the basics. You get the Exogenous Ketone Base, in that great chocolate flavor, MCT Oil Powder, Keto Collagen, and Ketone Testing Strips.

Products You Get and What They Do

So, what are the benefits of these products, and why do I recommend this bundle above all others?

Take a look at what these supplements can do:

Ketone Testing strips make it easy for you to see if you are, in fact, in ketosis.

You don’t need to get a breathalyzer or prick your fingers as if you were testing your blood sugar. You can just use the bathroom, and it’s that easy!

Keto Collagen is an easy to use a supplement that you can add right to your shakes, smoothies or just to coffee. It has zero artificial ingredients.

I like the chocolate flavor for my morning coffee, and for when I make keto cookies, I also have the unflavored option so I can just take it with my protein shakes. It’s very versatile and keeps skin looking healthy and young.

Other Great Products in This Kit

MCT Oil Powder is a great supplement. I admit I prefer the straight oil, but this is just fine also. It is very easy to use. I mix it into almond milk to make some delicious keto chocolate milk, and I also add it into my smoothies and keto cookies to give them that extra boost.

Exogenous Ketone Base is my personal fave; I love this stuff to get me started in the morning and make my smoothies, coffee, and pre-workout experience that much nicer.

It’s a healthy treat you will look forward to each and every day. It also helps with those keto flu symptoms.

This is the starter kit I recommend if you are new to Perfect Keto or keto in general. It’s got all the basics, and the price is right. You save money buying these products as a bundle instead of individually.

Where to Buy Perfect Keto

The best place to get Perfect Keto is by going directly to their website (link below). From there you can see the full range of products they offer.

Perfect Keto

Even if you are already into keto and you need some snacks or protein powder, supplements, or just guidance on the keto lifestyle, they’ve got it all.

I highly encourage you to sign up for their mailing list also. They have some good deals that go out, and you will save some money plus get tips, recipes, and other good keto ideas.

The site is easy to navigate and very well organized, too. You will love how prompt and professional they are.

Wrapping It Up

I highly recommend you check out Perfect Keto when you are finished perusing this article. Their stuff just tastes so good, and it’s unreal.

Most fitness supplements do not taste all that great, but this stuff is amazing, and you will be looking forward to it day after day. It’s a lot easier to achieve your goals when it’s tasty!

So, if you are ready and you have the willpower, the desire to eat keto-friendly, and the ability to exercise the best you can, let’s get started today.

Keto is easy when you have Perfect Keto on your side. Good luck!