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How To Make Bone Broth Keto

This keto bone broth is so easy to make, and you need only a few ingredients for it to come together. Use mixed beef bones and chopped up veggies, and you will be on the fast track to delicious bone broth like you’ve never had before.

You can get these bones from a local butcher shop or the meat department of your favorite grocery store. We’ve even seen them being sold at Whole Foods.

How to Make Keto-Friendly Bone Broth


Now, let’s get into the ingredients of this keto bone broth!

  • 4 lb. of beef bones. We use a mix of neck bones, oxtail knuckles, and short ribs.
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 3 stalks of celery- we coarsely cut them up.
  • 1 bay leaf
  • 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar- use the one with the Mother!
  • 2 medium onions of choice, chopped coarsely (we love sweet Vidalia)
  • 2 medium-size carrots, coarsely chopped

Here’s How to Make This Broth

  1. Begin by preheating your oven to 400F. Put your mixed beef bones into a roasting pan and coat them with your olive oil.
  2. Now roast your mixed beef bones for 30 minutes, flip them over and roast for 30 more minutes after that.
  3. Now put your roasted bones, chopped veggies, vinegar, and bay leaf into a slow cooker. You can also use a large stockpot.
  4. Cover with water and simmer it on high.
  5. Once you’ve brought it to this level, back it off and take it down to a low heat. Let it simmer for 24 hours. Add water as necessary, so all ingredients stay submerged.
  6. Once your broth has reached a dark brown color, take it off the heat and discard the veggies, bones, and bay leaf. You can strain it using cheesecloth or a wire strainer.
  7. Now let it cool off to room temp. Get your jars ready- we use standard mason jars from Amazon- and pour it in. Let it cool down in the fridge for one hour.

Now you have delicious broth ready to go. It’s great for a variety of purposes. Simply heat it up when you are ready and serve it.

How Does This Bone Broth Differ from Stock?

You may not know how stock and broth differ from one another. Here, we will show you!

The biggest difference between the two is the cooking time. The broth requires you to simmer animal bones for 24 hours, and this brings out the nutrients of the bones and forms gelatin.

Gelatin is great because, in beef bones, you get antioxidants and amino acids.  These are awesome because health benefits are plentiful from this broth: you get to reduce joint inflammation, improve your bowel movements, and boost that immune system. It’s a nice broth to heat up when you don’t feel well but would like to stay keto and get some nourishment.

How to Eat This Bone Broth?

You can heat this up and pour it into a mug or bowl and eat with a spoon or simply sip. However, it makes an excellent base for some keto soup recipes, which are flavorful but still low in carbs.

It’s a great snack for when you want to fill up but don’t want to reach for a carb-loaded bag of chips or cookies. It’s easy to transport to work or class in a thermos, too.

What Is the Ideal Way to Make This Bone Broth?

We offer two options, which are using your stockpot or your crockpot/slow cooker. We personally like the slow cooker option better because it can cook on your counter without you having to worry about it too much.

You absolutely have to let those bones roast in the oven. You cannot simply pour them into the mix and expect it to come out tasting great.

Even though this might seem like a lengthy step, we assure you it’s worth it.

You can also chop up veg while you wait for those bones to get done roasting.

How to Make Keto-Friendly Bone Broth

How Much Time Does This Take?

This whole process takes about 1 hour to prep because of the roasting time, and then 24 hours as it sits in the crockpot cooking away.

It is excellent for busy people- If you are a parent, a full-time employee, or a student- or all three, for that matter- this is a great broth you can prepare and carry around for a quick, healthy, and nourishing meal or snack. It is easy to make on one of your off days or the weekend.

You mostly set it and forget it. Then it’s just a matter of getting it into the jars.

There are also options for those who don’t have time to make the broth- I will clue you in on that great product toward the end of this article.

Benefits of Broth

We already mentioned earlier what a few benefits of broth are. Let’s take a closer look at some more things this liquid can do for you.

  • It can support gut health- Gelatin contains those helpful amino acids which support good inflammatory response in the gut.
  • It helps you get more restful sleep- The amino acid glycine, which is found in bone broth, supports your central nervous system. When you take this as a supplement, sleep quality improves. So, consuming it may help you enjoy a more productive bedtime.
  • It gets you better results on your keto journey- it fills you up with fewer calories.
  • It supports the health of skin, nails, and hair- Thanks to the collagen found in the beef bones, you may see improvements in these areas of your appearance.

Wrap Up

So- there you have it! The keto-friendly bone broth at its finest. But what about those of you that want to buy your broth?

If you ask me, I think Kitchen Basics Chicken broth is the best store-bought kind! The fact it has 10g of protein is awesome, and it tastes great.

Kitchen Basics Original Chicken Bone Broth, 8.25 fl oz

Whichever you choose, enjoy it and remember, keep it keto!