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Keto Max Reviews

Thank you for clicking on my Keto Max review! My name is Keira. I know you are here because you are probably looking to make your keto lifestyle easier and more fun. It’s hard to follow such a plan of eating, but you can do it with a little help.

That’s what you think happens when you get Keto Max. I will be honest; for me, the product did not work as I imagined it would. However, I’m just one person in a sea of many.

Here you will learn about my review- I’m going to keep it fair and balanced as I go through this evaluation of the product. Then, you can see my alternative to Keto Max, which personally helped me get what I want.

And even if you do decide to go with Keto Max, that’s OK! Our goal is simply to provide customers with a great product that works.

Keto Max Reviews

A Little About Me

I started doing the Keto diet about 7 months ago. I am doing great so far, have lost 30 lbs, down from 180 to 150, and I can’t wait to keep going. I stand at 5’4, so I have a little ways to go before I’m at my ideal weight.

I simply started because I was fed up with being chunky. I’ve been that way my whole life, and finally, I decided to just do the keto thing and get this weight off me.

It certainly hasn’t been easy, but I like the results. I tried Keto Max to help me, and here’s what happened.

About Keto Max

Keto Max is a new product just released to the market, and it approaches a new area of the market catering to dieters: the ketogenic crowd.

The creators of this product argue that their product is excellent for losing weight quickly and burning fat via the process of ketosis. But, if a person is already in ketosis, they are not going to need such a supplement.

Here’s the kicker: it’s hard to get into ketosis. Fasting, eating the right foods for weeks, and more can get you into ketosis. Not everyone has that sort of time or the willpower to do it.

Can Keto Max help? Let’s keep going.

What Is It?

It is a dietary supplement that prevents the absorption of fats and carbs, according to the label.

Here are the ingredients included:

  • Vanadium
  • Cassia Nomame Extract
  • Raspberry Ketones
  • Chitosan
  • Extract of White Kidney Bean

You should take one or two capsules before your meals, and inside the container, you will find 90 capsules. You can buy it online or in shops like GNC.

The company behind Keto Max is called NDS Nutrition. They’ve been in the game since 1998, and they make health products geared toward nutrition and weight loss.

How Much Is It?

Here’s where things get a bit murky, or should I say “pricey.” You’re looking at $60 for a single month’s supply of the supplement. This is just one part of the stuff they want you to take.

It is a blocker for carbs. They are not uncommon. However, you need to get other nutrients, and if you would like to burn fat even more (thermogenesis), you’re going to need other products.

It is known as “stacking,” and bodybuilders do this all the time; those men and women know they need to spend a bit of money to get the results they want. Those of us just trying to slim down on keto? A bit of a different story if you ask me.

After all, you’re paying for your gym membership, special keto snacks, foods, and perhaps protein shakes or supplements. Who has all this money to spend?

That being said, it does work according to some consumers who were happy with the results. Users reported that they were able to overcome their weaknesses with carbs with the product. It also contains zero stimulants, which is great news for those of us who cannot have caffeine.

Any Side Effects?

Some side effects have been noted when it comes to Keto Max. Here are a few paraphrased side effects  as reported by other users:

  • “I had the worst stomach issues ever- gas and diarrhea…”
  • “My blood sugar was too low while on the product. I had to stop.”
  • “I got a headache while using this- a few times, actually, but that would not stop me from using it once more.”

And this is not everyone’s story. There are many users who found it to work as intended and enjoyed that it was stimulant-free.

So, it does have some side effects, but most medicines and supplements do. This, combined with the high monthly cost, can make it impossible for some to afford. For other consumers, money may not be the problem, but the negative side effects are.

What Makes the Ingredients Special?

For starters, the inclusion of raspberry ketones shouldn’t get you all hyped and excited. Raspberry ketones don’t actually have to do with the ketogenic diet or keto lifestyle at all. They are simply what gives raspberries and other fruits that sweet smell.

The evidence that links the ingredients in Keto Max to weight loss and ketosis are quite old, some ranging in the decades-old area.

The ingredients chromium, white kidney bean extract, and Chitosan are all supported by evidence that they could promote weight loss. In the study surrounding Chitosan that we referenced, it should be noted the researchers said the “effects were small.”

Meanwhile, results were achieved with the white kidney bean extract, but “The difference between the groups [placebo and those receiving the actual extract] were not significant.” You can check that study out by clicking here.

Now onto chromium. In the study we referenced for this article, which I will link here, the chromium and the placebo groups showed no change in BMI after 12 weeks of use. No change was also seen in BMI after 24 weeks of use, either.

Granted, I am sure you can find other evidence that suggests otherwise,  but these are the results we found on the first page of search results when looking for information surrounding the ingredients of this particular supplement.

What Do Consumers Think?

You already heard what others thought about this a little bit before. In this portion of my review, I will paraphrase what some customers were saying, and then I will give you my personal experience using the product.

“These didn’t work for me; perhaps they can work for someone else.” -Meesha02, Amazon Reviewer.


“I’ve tried other carb blockers; this is the only one that really works for me. I take it 30 minutes before a high carb meal, and this one works great. It helps me lose weight faster.” -Barbara J, GNC Reviewer.


“I didn’t notice a difference while taking this product.” – Sarah I, GNC Reviewer.


“My only issue is that you have to take these 30 minutes before you eat. I will go back to a different product after I finish taking all of these.” – Sammy Williams, Amazon Reviewer.

My Personal Experience

I did try Keto Max by NDS. I bought mine at the local GNC store and decided to use it while going to a restaurant with my family later that day. It was an Italian spot, which serves pasta- not exactly keto-friendly.

Anyways, I did take the capsules 30 minutes before we sat down. Everything felt OK, and I ate my meal, taking a reasonable portion size and taking the other half home for later.

I felt fine the rest of the night, drank water, and just enjoyed myself.  I did experience some stomach pains, but that may be a result of me having had a high carb meal for the first time in a few weeks.

I went ahead and tested my ketosis level using test strips. Unfortunately, I was disappointed when my test strips indicated that I was NOT in ketosis anymore. I knew it had to be too good to be true.

So, I shelved the supplement until my brother indicated he’d like to try it (I gave it to him, and I have no idea what happened to it after that).

Maybe I overindulged a bit? I don’t know. A reasonable portion of spaghetti akin to a kid-size serving, a side salad, and one glass of wine doesn’t seem ridiculous to me. I even avoided dessert (didn’t feel like it).

Needless to say, I was sorely disappointed with Keto Max, but again, that’s just me.

Keto Max Reviews

My Bottom Line

Should you buy Keto Max? Eh, try it if you feel so inclined. The ingredients could produce weight loss, and if you can afford the stacking of such products, chances are you will experience great results.

However, most of us cannot afford, nor do we want to take multiple supplements a day. The side effects could also be a deal-breaker.

That being said, I do have a product you might want to look into. I had a lot of good luck using it. The name of the product is Rastenix Keto Burn, and I can’t wait to tell you how THIS product worked.

Keto Diet Pills - (2-Pack | 120 Capsules) - Best Keto Pills for Keto Burn & Energy - Perfect Keto Fast BHB Capsules with Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Managment - Vegan Keto Fit Advanced Formula

Rastenix Keto Burn: My Review

What Is This?

This is a ketogenic diet supplement offering users the following benefits:

Customer Support:

You can contact the support team at Rastenix anytime, day or night. They really have a support team on staff 24/7!  Any questions or concerns you might have, simply shoot them a message, and help will answer right away. Perfect for those 2 AM nights when you’ve just GOTTA know!

Great Formula:

A great diet, keto supplementation via these capsules, and regular exercise will get you the results you want. These capsules get you into ketosis faster, and you will be using that fat for fuel, energy, and the power you need to get through the day. It’s great for males and females alike.

Brings Focus and Clarity:

You’re going to love how you feel taking this supp. It’s great for productivity and focus, so students and workers alike will really enjoy this. This formula is supportive of your productivity, clarity, and focus. It’s great for cognition and has benefits for our physical and mental health.

Brings You Energy:

If you’re concerned about feeling tired on this diet, or you’ve dieted in the past and you know you get tired and worn out thanks to caloric deficits and exercise, fear not with this great supplement.

This stuff brings you clean, pure energy. You will feel ready to take on the day and more. You will be able to work out, go to work or class, and spend time with your family/enjoy hobbies without that tired, sluggish feeling.

Helps Manage Weight:

This stuff is awesome at managing food cravings, helping the appetite to stay suppressed, and even boosts your metabolism and blocks those carbs. You will definitely enjoy sailing through the day without thinking about food all the time!

About the Brand

Rastenix is a brand that is focused on bringing consumers the best in keto supplementation. This is just one of the products they currently offer. There are heaps of other great supplements you can check out that all help their buyers achieve ketosis or otherwise lose weight.

All of their products are favorably reviewed with at least four out of five-star ratings, so we definitely encourage you to check out the brand and see what else they offer.

What Are the Ingredients?

You are going to love the ingredients found in this capsule. They’re natural, and everything’s made here in the USA. Let’s take a look at what these capsules can offer consumers.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can help you lose weight. You have likely seen people taking apple cider vinegar in a morning drink of water. Now it is available in this convenient capsule.

It helps increase feelings of fullness, which helps you eat less and subsequently lose weight. It also helps lower blood sugar levels and reduces insulin, which is also contributors to feeling satiated.

Sodium/Calcium/Magnesium Beta-hydroxybutyrate

This is what is known as an exogenous ketone. The purpose behind this particular ketone is to help you drive results to your muscles, heart, and brain during times of low carb or no carb intake. It usually comes in the form of a mineral salt such as sodium, calcium, or magnesium.

It mimics one of two main ketones we produce when we are in ketosis, which is acetoacetate and BHB or beta-hydroxybutyrate.

These ketones are used in place of glucose and keep us functioning, focused, and energetic. Remember, glucose is derived from carbs in our diet, and when we cut carbs, our bodies have to go elsewhere to get their energy source.

We then use our existing fat as fuel, and the result is weight loss and health improved.

Any Side Effects?

By and large, no side effects were reported as a result of using these capsules. I personally did not feel any, either. Some users did note negative side effects: one user stated that they affected their digestion- the user noticed fewer bowel movements each week as a result of the suppressed hunger.

Another user noted that the amount of energy the capsules gave them was so great, they had a bit of trouble falling asleep. If you know you are sensitive to such things, it may be best to start out with just two capsules instead of the recommended 3.

Lastly, it was noted that the capsules have a strong smell of apple cider vinegar. If you do not care for the smell of vinegar, this could be off-putting to you.

Keto Max Reviews

What Are Others Saying?

Users are rating this product very favorably. The star rating currently sits at a perfect 5 out of 5 stars, and there are plenty of good things about these you just have to know. Here are some samples of what customers are saying. We paraphrased them for brevity’s sake.

“I get full faster and have lots of energy… sometimes too much to fall asleep even after taking them in the early morning! They really work, my appetite is under control, and have lots of energy on days when I use them. I began by taking just two pills and going up to three to gauge my reaction.” – D. Bledsoe.


“These are affordable, and I really feel like I get more energy and enjoy a lesser appetite. I never felt discomfort when taking them, and I managed to stay in ketosis even though I am a carb cycler. When I get back into keto on my low carb no carb days, getting back, there is a lot faster and easier with these.” – Rachel Dorado.


“Totally satisfied. I don’t get the jitters, and I am feeling less hungry, too. I am already seeing results. My focus is sharp, I am feeling very energetic, and there is no yucky aftertaste. Apple Cider Vinegar is an ingredient, after all.” -Kelly K.


My Personal Experience

I was very happy overall with my experience using Keto Burn! Firstly, I felt the price was right. You get two bottles with each order. Secondly, I liked that it is easy to get, just by going to Amazon.

I also liked the reviews of other customers left.

Now when I actually took the capsules, I really started to see why others favorably reviewed this. I always take mine right in the morning, and it gives me that burst of energy I need to get started.

I am one of those gals who prefer to work out during the early hours because it gets it out of the way. This stuff has me ready at 5 AM to work out, get my sweat on, shower and change, and get signed in to work by 8 AM.

The real test came when it was time for a friend’s birthday gathering. We had a nice “social distance” BBQ, and part of the meal included dinner rolls and prize-winning mac n’ cheese.  Could I enjoy a reasonable scoop of the dish and get back into keto the next day?

I ate my scoop and went on about my day. By the end of the following day, my ketones had risen considerably. I was very happy with the results.

My bottom line? This stuff just works, and I attribute some of my weight loss to this great capsule.


Thank you for taking the time to read my review of the Keto Burn supplement. I find them to be a much better choice than other brands I’ve tried, such as Keto Max. They are so affordable, and they really work. I love the clean energy, clear mind, and focus I have as a result, and I think you will, too. Good luck on your journey, and keep it keto!

Looking for Other Great Keto Products?

Perfect Keto is a great brand geared toward dieters like us. I love their website because it is chock full of information about recipes and lifestyle choices that make ketogenic living fun and easier.

They make delicious protein powders and snacks for people on keto. Here are two of my favorite products:

Perfect Keto Bars

Perfect Keto Bars - The Cleanest Keto Snacks with Collagen and MCT. No Added Sugar, Keto Diet Friendly - 3g Net Carbs, 19g Fat, 10g protein - Keto Diet Food Dessert (Almond Butter Brownie, 12 Bars)

In this great pack, you get 12 bars flavored like Almond Butter. YUM! These are just great for getting me through the morning; I love eating them with my MCT oil coffee each day.

They are sold in many different flavors, too- but I love my Almond Butter Brownie. My best friend loves the Lemon Poppyseed, so perhaps consider giving that one a try. It’s all thanks to the company’s use of tapioca fiber derived from the Cassava Plant, which makes a great alternative to cornstarch and corn syrups.

They are packed with fat, coming in at 19g, and contain 10g of collagen. Eat up!

Perfect Keto MCT Oil C8 Powder

Perfect Keto MCT Oil C8 Powder, Coconut Medium Chain Triglycerides for Pure Clean Energy, Ketogenic Non Dairy Coffee Creamer, Bulk Supplement, Helps Boost Ketones, Salted Caramel

If you want your coffee to rival that of a certain pricey coffee chain but actually be good for you, then this is the way to go. This stuff tastes fantastic. You can add this to your coffee, smoothie, or protein shakes for a great burst of MCT oils.

There are no extra carbs or sugars, just MCT fats that help curb my appetite and keep me motivated. You get 30 servings in one container. One of these is cheaper than going to a smoothie shop or a coffee shop every day before work, so choose your favorite flavor and drink up!