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Keto OS Review

Hey friends, I would like to offer you a warm welcome to today’s article. In it, we are going to discuss my personal keto journey and the stuff I use each day to keep the momentum up.

Keto is like any other lifestyle. The more you do it, the easier it gets, and the more you can stick to it. That being said, we all need a push in the right direction to stick with it at times.

That will be the reason behind today’s article: I will go over some products I used in the past and why I decided to stop using them. Then we will talk about a great alternative that I think you will enjoy much more!

Exogenous Ketones

Let’s get started right away with my story, and then we will jump right into some product reviews.

My Story: Why I Began Keto Diet

I am happily married, and I don’t have any kids, but I do have two jobs that I LOVE. I love being busy, but I don’t always get the time to eat well. I decided to try keto after seeing so many ladies online that had success with it.

My goal is to look great and feel great, that way when I take a vacation I’m not hurrying to get in the pool with the towel wrapped around or putting on my swim coverup as if my life depends on it.

I got into it for the better amounts of energy, too. The supplements I have now are AWESOME for getting you that boost of energy you want and need to get through the day.

I discovered Keto OS after a lovely targeted ad on Youtube caught me as I was starting a workout. Keto stuff is everywhere, but you just don’t know where to turn. So, I went with that targeted ad. I went to their website and began adding stuff to my cart. The website is super inviting, I might add.

It is definitely optimized for mobile, which makes the browsing experience that much easier. There are a few cute animations on the site that help you understand ketosis and the products themselves. It’s really great for absolute beginners because it really breaks it down in a fun and easy to understand way.

What I Chose: Keto OS

Keto OS is made by Pruvit, and the only product they focus on right now is the Keto OS ketones drink they’ve created. Their mission statement is clear, “Inspire people to become a better version of themselves.”

Here’s what I ended up with.

  • The Maui Punch flavor
  • The Raspberry Lemonade flavor
  • The Lime Time flavor

So, I got my stuff, and I was super excited to try it out.

Keto OS Review Pruvit

Are Keto OS Supplements Worth It?

I began to look more into the product as I waited for my package to arrive. I know I paid a pretty penny for this stuff, and that’s OK- but I began to wonder, did all that cash I just dropped really do me any favors?

I got myself a total of 30 servings, and it came to over $100 to do so. Yikes! I was serious about this lifestyle, however.

I was trying to locate some studies on the product- had a fitness guru, or at least a doctor tried this out? Certainly, customers had some positive things to say, so I figured I’d just have to try it and see what happened.

I did, however, find a cool Healthline article that I will link here, but let me paraphrase what I learned.

How These Keto OS Supplements Work

Pruvit, the maker of these supps, tells you that you will reach ketosis in just 60 minutes of drinking the supplement.

This is good for people who are not excited about the fact that it takes hard work and time to enter the state of ketosis.

On a standard keto diet, we are typically eating 15% protein, 5% carbs, and 80% fat.

This is where exogenous ketone supplements come into play. They are shortcuts to success or reaching ketosis and experiencing the great benefits of this state without the need to follow a super strict diet or fast.

Ketones rise slowly when we follow a ketogenic diet. Drinking an exogenous ketone supp such as Keto OS can help you rapidly raise those blood ketone levels.

The beta hydroxybutyrate is absorbed into your bloodstream much faster and is then converted into energy for your body.

The main draw here is that exogenous ketones raise levels of ketones even when the person consuming it is not in ketosis.

By reaching ketosis via good quality nutritional supplements, we get the same benefits as reaching it through fasting or by way of the ketogenic diet.

The end result is that we get to reap the benefits of the ketogenic diet, such as weight loss, better energy, and clarity in our mental state.

So that was what I learned from Healthline. Finally, my package arrived containing my Pruvit ketone drink mixes. I could hardly wait to try it out.

BPI Sports Keto Review

What I Discovered and Why I Quit Using Them

The day finally came for my envelope to arrive containing my Pruvit Keto OS drink mix. I mixed up my first drink, and it didn’t taste terrible. I tried the Maui Peach, and it was not a superb flavor, but not bad by any means.

Well, I was not in a state of ketosis when I tried this. I did have a day in which many carbs were consumed the day before, so I planned on trying these ketones today.

I tested myself after a couple of hours, and there was NO state of ketosis for me. So, I waited. It was Monday, and I fasted all the way into Tuesday and had another packet, this time I tried the Lime Time. Not bad but not an amazing flavor, as you might expect with a supplement of this price.

I tested myself again, and to my severe disappointment, I was not in ketosis. I detected only trace amounts of ketones. I began to feel like this was a costly mistake.

Feeling a bit annoyed, I decided to go back to the Internet and see what others were saying.

I could just kick myself for not thinking to check Amazon first.

What Customers on Amazon Said

So, I was very enthusiastic about starting keto. And like a naive car shopper, I bought the first thing I saw, without properly doing my homework. And I paid full price. And I got a lemon.

Yeah., I admit I kinda messed up on this. Basically, Amazon customers’ reviews are overwhelmingly negative. We’re talking 33% one-star reviews. Sure there are positive reviews, but this is no four-star and up product.

Here is a sampling of what I found on the reviews page: I edited these for brevity and clarity, but please go read them on your own.

“This product caused me severe diarrhea. I do not have a gallbladder, and I think that is the reason why. Stay away if you have stomach trouble!”- Amazon Customer

“Didn’t buy from Amazon, but this stuff is the worst. The taste is nothing but fake. It took me 12 hours in total to take in half a packet, that’s how unpleasing I found it. It gave me a migraine and a stomach ache. There are no quick fixes guys, you have to eat right, and that’s the only way the food will come off.” – Amazon Customer

“I have been drinking one packet of ketones for 2 months from Pruvit…. I have not seen any weight loss results, and I’ve spent too much on this product!”-Beth

Positive Reviews About Pruvit Keto OS

I do not want to sound overly negative here. I am just being honest about what I found. Let’s take a look at some positive reviews:

“I drank this drink, and my urine tested positive for ketones just 2 hours after using it. It really works. I weighed in at 177 in the morning and then 174 in the afternoon, after a brief workout and a busy day. The taste is normal, but the drink did make me gag a bit. -Hernan Hernandez

“Been on this product for 3 weeks and I love it. I have more energy. I am wearing shorts I haven’t worn for years today!”- Carolyn

“I thought it was impossible to stay on the keto diet for me. I bought this, and then I got some keto test strips from the pharmacy. In just an hour, I had high ketones!” – Johnny B

Pruvit Is An MLM

Another thing I found out, which I am personally against is the business structure of the company Pruvit. They are what’s known as a multi-level-marketing company.

Multi-level marketing companies have come under fire recently, with more and more people realizing they are very close to pyramid schemes in their structure. That is, more money is made by recruiting others to join the business and sell as opposed to actually marketing and selling products themselves.

Plenty of stories from ex-members of MLMS such as Lularoe and Amway exist, and you can read them online.

You can perform your own research on this matter as I do not want to go on a huge tangent. I can honestly say that I would have preferred NOT to give money to this company.

Keto OS Review

What I’m Using Now and How I Keep the Lifestyle Up

I gave my packets another shot, and while I tested with high ketones, I was very off-put by the brand and decided to cut my losses. I gave my unused packets to a friend, despite warning her what I’d found she still wanted to try them.

I really did my research this time. I looked around and found what I believe to be the best keto supplement company out there. It goes by the name Perfect Keto, and I think you are going to be pleasantly surprised at how awesome this brand is

I am really thrilled about what you get with Perfect Keto. I bought myself an awesome Keto Starter Kit, which is what I should have got long ago. The kit includes all you need to get started on your keto journey.

They make lots of tasty keto snacks, too. If you love cookies, you NEED to try their double chocolate brand. Holy smokes, it is the best darn cookie of the keto kind I ever had.

They also have great supplements that will help you stay in ketosis. The MCT oil and the MCT Oil Powder, (the latter of which comes in your starter kit) are perfect for this. You can mix these right into coffee or your smoothies every day.

Perfect Keto

Other Stuff I Picked Up

I also picked up their Perform Keto Sports drink as well as their Electrolytes. The Sports Drink is an awesome pre-workout. I feel ready to run, rock climb, swim, or do whatever activity my friends think of.

I noted the pre-workout is only available in one flavor. This may be off-putting if you don’t like lemon, but most people don’t mind such a flavor. It tastes great. Yeah, you had much more of a variety with Keto OS, but this is a much better company in terms of its integrity and value that I will gladly drink lemon pre-workout.

Aside from the good flavor, you can look forward to ingredients like BCAAs in the mix, too. L-citrulline is also included. I am not into lifting weights personally, but this stuff is great for anyone that wants to build those muscles. Reason being is that it has creatine monohydrate- so grab that barbell and get to work.

About the Electrolytes

Now let me discuss the Perfect Keto Electrolytes a bit. This is designed to do what Keto OS could not do for some users, which is to prevent the keto flu. The Pure Keto electrolytes have 4 electrolytes ideal for ketosis.

These are easy to take capsules that absorb so easily into your body.

I did not get the keto flu, but many others have. I believe this stuff can really help you stay healthy as you get into the lifestyle. Other users noted that these electrolytes were great at preventing cramps that came about when entering keto.

I might also add, do take a look at the product ratings for these items. They are all four stars and up! This is a far cry from the Keto OS ratings, and buyers will feel a lot more confident… and end up with fewer Charley horses.

About Perfect Keto

Now I would like to offer up some company history and background. I like that Perfect Keto is founded and endorsed by a doctor. You can click right onto their “About Us” page, and you will meet Dr. Anthony Gustin, the founder of the business.

Dr. Gustin believes that the keto diet is the very best for improving one’s health and preventing diseases. He began Perfect Keto because he wanted others to feel good and have an easier go of it when improving their wellbeing.

He also wanted to emphasize real and true ingredients your body will love.

Perfect Keto Is Keepin’ It Real

One thing I love about Perfect Keto is that they offer a TON of products, but all the products are crafted using top-quality ingredients.

I have to admit I’ve had my fair share of fitness shakes and snacks over the years. They don’t taste great a lot of the time.

This is not so when you try Perfect Keto. I am honestly impressed with how it all tastes. They are big on making foods with stuff we humans really eat. Coconut, sunflower, and macadamia are just a few of the great ingredients you will find in these goodies.

You won’t find any of these:

  • Added sugar
  • Grains or gluten
  • Corn or soy
  • Artificial ingredients
  • Chemicals
  • Fillers

I think you will love the keto items they sell, especially the cookies. I look forward to my keto cookie every day, especially those chocolate chip ones.

Get Started With A Starter Kit

If you don’t know where to start, I recommend you get their starter kit. I wish I would have had this when I was first starting my keto life, as it gives you all the basics at a great price. It’s much less than I paid with Pruvit.

Perfect Keto Starter Kit

You can find the starter kit by clicking here. I will now take this chance to go over the products you get in this great package:

  • MCT Oil Powder
  • Keto Collagen
  • Ketone Testing Strips
  • Exogenous Ketone Base in Chocolate

This kit takes all the guesswork out of what a person needs to get started. All you need to bring is your commitment to this lifestyle and the ability to work out/exercise to the best of your ability, and this kit will help you do the rest.

Products You Get and How They Help

Why is it that I am so excited about sharing this bundle? Let’s have a look at the products involved.

Ketone Testing strips: The easiest way to see if you are in ketosis. You simply go to the bathroom and use one of these strips, and it will tell you immediately whether or not those ketones are in your body. So easy and you can do it right at home.

Keto Collagen: This is a supplement that will help your skin look and feel young. I mix mine into my coffee each day. The chocolate tastes so good as part of my smoothies. You can add it to your keto recipes, too. The sky’s the limit, but your skin is going to look oh so good.

Other Great Products in This Kit

Exogenous Ketone Base: My most favorite item. This is a great way to start out your day because it goes wonderfully in smoothies, coffees, and protein shakes. It is a great pre-workout and tastes wonderful. This will also help keep the keto flu symptoms at bay.  

MCT Oil Powder: If you don’t like the oil version of this stuff, try the powder out. It’s easy to mix. You can mix it into almond milk for some keto chocolate milk as the site suggests, or just let your imagination run wild.

Check out Perfect Keto’s Cinnamon Smoothie made with MCT oil. It’s so good you won’t think it’s healthy.

If you don’t like the oil powder, you can definitely pick up the regular MCT oil. This stuff is a critical ingredient in making popular keto snacks such as fat bombs.

Perfect Keto’s Cinnamon Smoothie

Where to Buy Perfect Keto

Just go right to their website and shop away to your heart’s content. I highly recommend signing up for their text alerts. You can get some good deals that way.

As of the time of this writing, a sale was going on for the bars. I ordered a few as I’ve never personally had one, but I cannot wait to stash them in my bag and use them for on the go snacks or meals.

Given that everything I’ve had so far tastes great, I don’t have a worry in the world – these will be awesome.

Wrapping It Up

Thank you for taking the time to read this Keto OS review. I am not, by any means, bashing Keto OS; I just think there are better products out there.

Keto OS may very well work for you, and that’s OK.I personally didn’t get the results I wanted, and many other customers happen to agree with me. However, some people swear by it, and we wish them all the best.I think Perfect Keto offers a better product at a greater value.

The variety of products keeps customers coming back, myself included. I encourage you to do your own research and choose what works for you. Best of luck!