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KetoCaNa Review

Ketocana is one of the most popular exogenous ketones known to people leading the keto lifestyle. Personally, I’ve used it to help me advance my keto lifestyle when it was getting difficult to attain my goals.

So, I totally understand if you want to buy it too!

But before you do, I beseech you to read this review. I’ll tell you about my experience using this product, and hopefully, that’ll help you make your decision about buying Ketocana.

And before I go, I’ll tell you about the other product that I discovered that made it even easier to lead a keto lifestyle.

Make sure to read to the end to find out!

Ketocana Review

It all began one Christmas…

I’ve not always been overweight. In fact, I was the thinnest in our family, and maybe that’s why everybody noticed when I suddenly put on weight.

It all began one Christmas season. I had just graduated from university and had already secured a job, set to begin in the new year. There was every reason to celebrate.

After four years of worrying about finals and barely seeing my relatives, I had all the time in the world to attend every event that came my way. And…Well, you know how it is with holiday parties: food, food, and more food.

Unfortunately, not a lot of it is healthy.

Maybe it was the sudden lifestyle change – from being a sleep-deprived, stress-driven student, to a carefree social butterfly with nothing to worry about. And, of course, all the eating that I did that one December.

By January, all my favorite clothes began feeling a little bit more restricting. But I didn’t think much about it. It was around that time when I reported to my new job.

Then everything went downhill. Fast.

I was lucky to get a job so fast after graduating, but all was not rosy. The pay wasn’t that great, and I was working through 8-4 pm.

My lifestyle took another drastic change. From spending the entire day and sometimes night partying, to spending the day behind a desk, taking care of all the tasks no one else in the office wanted to deal with.

It didn’t help that I had to withstand a two-hour commute back and from work each day in crazy traffic. Early mornings, late nights, and fast foods soon became my new normal.

Ketocana Review

I never got the chance to lose the weight I gained in December, and now I was piling on more. By March, I was in a boutique looking for new outfits.

My family kept commenting about my weight again, and I could see it in the mirror. I had gained 40 pounds in just a quarter of a year and went up two dress sizes. How much would I gain in a year if my current lifestyle persisted?

I was also beginning to feel like a foreigner in my own body, and my self-esteem dropped. I didn’t like my new body, and I knew right away I needed to do something before it got worse.

Then came Keto…

When I started researching about the best diets to lose weight, the keto diet caught my attention. I really like the idea of being able to still eat my favorite snacks without gaining more pounds.

After a few more searches, I had drawn up a keto menu that I meant to follow for the next few months. Unluckily for me, I found out just two days into my new diet that it wasn’t going to be easy.

My enthusiasm was challenged by the keto flu, which I had not anticipated. I went back to the internet, and that’s when I realized why I was feeling nauseous, fatigued, and had a head-splitting headache.

That’s also when I discovered Ketocana.

There began my experience with Ketocana…

I found out that taking exogenous ketones could help me get through the first days of transitioning into a keto lifestyle, and I was elated to know that I didn’t have to suffer.

Ketocana is one of the first products that I came across, which sounded like what I needed. So I ordered a container.

My first experience using Ketocana was not good. I got a serious case of stomach pain and nausea, and at first, I thought the product was not working at preventing the keto flu.

Then I found out about gastrointestinal (GI) distress, which is common when using exogenous ketones. So I decreased my dosage to half a scoop. I also used more water to dilute the powder because the taste was a bit too strong for me.

Besides those little difficulties, I was able to continue using Ketocana until the 16 servings were gone. But, I did not order another one.

What You Should Know About Ketocana

I did not make another order for Ketocana because I was not a fan of the flavor, and each time I tried to go back to using a full dosage, that GI distress came back. Some users are completely fine with it, but if I was very sensitive to it.

I was only able to finish the full container because I was determined to stick to my goals, and the product seemed to be working.

Ketocana is a keto-friendly supplement that can help you get through keto flu, get back into ketosis, support your keto diet, and curb your hunger cravings. It can also be used by athletes or individuals who want an energy boost to improve their physical performance.

Ketocana Review

Ketocana is available in containers of 16 or 32 servings. It’s available in three flavors:

  • Sweet orange.
  • Tangy strawberry lemonade.
  • Creamy vanilla.

Ketocana Ingredients

It contains calcium, sodium, and beta hydroxybutyrate (BHB). Other ingredients used are citric acid and Stevia for flavor and sweetness.

Calcium and sodium are mineral salts that help maintain the levels of electrolytes in the body. This promotes hydration and also aids in preventing symptoms of the keto flu.

BHB plays a major role in improving mitochondrial function. The mitochondria are the powerhouse of cells in your body, and it’s responsible for energy production.

Beta-hydroxybutyrate can:

  • Improve the function of the mitochondria in muscle cells, thus improving energy production and preventing fatigue.
  • Promote respiration in the mitochondria without affecting the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is the molecule that’s responsible for energy supply to the muscle cells, but which is not capable of supporting high energy exercises on its own.
  • Reduce ceramides in the body tissues. Ceramides are waxy lipid molecules that induce insulin resistance. This leads to blood sugar imbalance and encourages the body to store more fat.
  • Ceramides also lead to the retention of LDL cholesterol in the arterial walls, which can lead to blood vessel blockage and undermine your cardiovascular health.

How it Works

When you use Ketocana, ketosis will be induced within 20-30 minutes. Your blood ketone levels will peak after about 45 minutes. This is when you’ll start feeling more energized and focused.

This ketosis state will last for another 2-3 hours, in which both your physical and mental performance will be enhanced. Your hunger cravings will also be squashed, which means you’ll find it easy to avoid carb-rich snacks.

By using Ketocana thrice a day, – which is the recommended maximum dosage – you’ll be able to maintain ketosis, provide your body with enough fuel, and suppress appetite in between meals.

The best times to use Ketocana are:

  • In the morning, to give you a mental boost.
  • Between meals, to curb hunger and keep you from eating too many carbohydrates.
  • Before workouts, to give you the energy boost to keep going for longer and harder.
  • Whenever you’re unable to adhere to your keto diet, Ketocana will help you keep you in ketosis when you’re taking a little more carbs than you should be.

Gastrointestinal distress will likely occur after the first two uses. This is because of the dehydration that occurs before your body becomes keto-adapted.

This happens because water is lost alongside glycogen and carbs. The lowered insulin levels also lead to the release of retained water.

If you want to skip this distress, half your first two doses, and use more water to dilute it. This works for many people, but it didn’t for me.

Get Into Ketosis


When I began using Ketocana, I noticed that I did not head over to the break room at work as often as I had before. I was able to stick to the main mealtimes without feeling famished in between.

Another thing I noticed was increased mental focus and clarity. I was able to get through my workday with little frustration, and I was even sleeping better. Within weeks, while my extra pounds had not completely disappeared, I began feeling like myself again.

I was more energetic, and I began exercising daily before leaving for work, which ultimately helped with losing the excess fat I had stored up in my body. But, it became difficult to continue enjoying these Ketocana benefits…

The Switch to Perfect Keto

I skipped my Ketocana dose several times because I was dreading the taste. I also felt that my results were limited because I was unable to use the full dosage.

In the end, I slipped out of my ketosis state several times because I was failing both at my keto diet and at the supplementation too.

That’s when I decided to search the market for another product that could provide the same benefits, but with a better taste.

I checked user reviews for guidance and soon came across Perfect Keto. While Ketocana only provided 3 flavors, Perfect Keto had a variety of product flavors including chocolate, caramel, peach, and coffee.

Since I’m a lover of coffee, I choose the Perfect Keto exogenous ketone base with the coffee flavor. From the first try, I knew that I had found the keto supplement that I wanted to use for a long time.

About Perfect Keto

Perfect Keto is a doctor-developed brand of keto-friendly products that are aimed to help you excel at your keto lifestyle. Whether you’re looking to transition into ketosis smoothly, get a boost of energy during the day or before your workout, or get more focused, Perfect Keto has got you.

Ketocana Review Perfect Keto

The first product that I ever tried from Perfect Keto was their exogenous ketones base. This is what I replaced the Ketocana with, and I’ve never looked back.

I got all the benefits I was looking for:

  • Less cravings and hunger.
  • More energy.
  • Better mental clarity.

What has kept me using Perfect Keto until now is the great taste and how gentle it is on my stomach. Therefore, I have no excuse to skip on the dosages like before.

When I was looking for an alternative to Ketocana, I choose Perfect Keto because:

  • I was curious about the different flavors that were on offer, and I believed I would find one that I liked.
  • All the ingredients used for its formulation are all-natural, gluten-free, and contain no artificial additives.
  • The Perfect Keto products are developed by a doctor, which means that it comes from a manufacturer who understands the needs of a keto lifestyle well.
  • There’s a varied selection of products that help me stay on track because it never gets boring.

How it Works

Some of the products offered by Perfect Keto include keto bars, MCT oil powder, exogenous ketones base, and keto collagen.

I used the exogenous base as an alternative to Ketocana, so I’d like to tell you more about how it works.

The Perfect Keto exogenous base has four ingredients:


Beta hydroxybutyrate is the most efficient type of ketone in the body. This is why it’s used as the main ingredient in the Perfect Keto exogenous ketone base.

When taken, it’s used as an energy source in the place of glucose. This leads to a quick increase in both physical and mental energy.

Natural Flavors

Instead of using artificial flavors that are common in the industry, Perfect Keto uses natural flavors. These are derived from fruits, spices, herbs, vegetables, oils, and other natural sources.

They don’t introduce any toxins into the body and are completely safe to use with a keto diet.

Monk Fruit

This is a natural sweetener derived from the monk fruit plant. It gives the Perfect Keto base a sweet flavor, which makes it palatable in comparison to other keto salts.


Ketone salts are known for their bitterness, and that’s also part of why they’re disliked. Perfect Keto uses Stevia, a sugar substitute gotten from the Stevia plant, to cover up this bitterness.

With these ingredients, Perfect Keto is better than most keto products in the market in these ways:

  • Their products are palatable and delicious, which makes it easy and enjoyable to take them.
  • They don’t use any artificial sweeteners to fix the bitterness. Instead, they use natural plant sources that also contain compounds that enhance general wellness.
  • It contains no carbohydrates or sugars, which are capable of taking you out of your ketosis state.
  • It promotes hydration by maintaining electrolyte balance in the body. Dehydration is common when using the keto diet, which occurs due to the frequent urination through which you lose electrolytes.

How Perfect Keto Was Different for Me

You already know that I loved the taste of the Perfect Keto exogenous ketone base. Because I was able to take all my dosages without experiencing any stomach upset, I also saw more benefits compared to when I was using Ketocana.

I like using the base in the mornings during breakfast, in the afternoon, and each time before I exercise. When I take it in the mornings, I feel more enthusiastic about the day, and I also don’t feel as hungry as I used to before tea break or lunchtime.

In the afternoons, I no longer feel the lull that’s common in workplaces after half a day of hard work. Once I down my glass of water mixed with the base, I get a new burst of energy to get me through the rest of the day.

I’ve also found that my workouts last a bit longer than before because I’m always feeling energetic. In just two months of using the Perfect Keto exogenous ketone base regularly, I have lost 20 pounds of my extra weight.

I’m now looking more like myself, and I know that in another couple of months, I’ll be back to my old weight.

Besides the usage experience, I also found the buying experience for Perfect Keto to be better than with Ketocana. I benefited from free shipping within the U.S., which was not available with Ketocana.

Ketocana Review

By taking advantage of this and also deciding to subscribe for auto shipping, I was able to save some bucks.

How to Use Perfect Keto

There are so many ways to use the Perfect Keto exogenous base to fit your tastes and convenience. You can mix it with a beverage of your kind, such as:

  • Water
  • Coffee
  • Smoothie

It’s easy to mix and will improve the taste of your beverage. In the morning, I use mine in my coffee, then with water during the rest of the time.

After using, your ketone levels will peak after about 45 minutes. Your blood ketone levels will remain high for about 2-3 hours afterward.

So, to use this base for something like exercise, make sure to take it at least 30 minutes earlier. If you’ll be working out for longer periods, you can also take it during the workout.

But, mixing it with a beverage is not the only way to use this base. You can also use it in baking and make a peach tart.

Another Perfect Keto product that’s great for baking is the MCT oil powder. Add it to your next bake recipe and experience the energy-boosting and hunger curbing benefits of the oil.

What Do Others Think?

In my view, Perfect Keto has got it all.

  • Great taste.
  • It actually works.
  • Variety of products.

But, if you need more assurance, I urge you to go ahead and check out reviews from past customers. A lot of them think that this is one of the best keto-friendly products they’ve ever used.

This is why I choose to try Perfect Keto in the first place because it appeared that many people were enjoying their experience.

All the different products from Perfect Keto have several 5 stars, and you can gauge what to expect from the honest reviews.

Where to Buy Perfect Keto

You can buy Perfect Keto from the manufacturer’s official website or from their Amazon store.

Perfect Keto ships worldwide and offers free ground shipping for any orders above $29. If you make a subscription for a product, you’ll benefit from a 15% discount on your order.

There’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee provided for all orders. If you’re not satisfied after using the product within 30 days after your purchase, make a request at their Returns Center to return it for a refund.

You can also contact customer care if you had bought a product bundle or would like a replacement for your product.

Ketocana Review


Ketocana worked well for me, but Perfect Keto worked even better! If you find yourself having trouble with the keto product that you’re using now, I urge you to seek an alternative.

Yes, we all want to feel more energetic and kick those sugar cravings, but that doesn’t mean we have to make do with unpleasant flavors and stomach upsets.

While some people will be okay with these or even not experience these negative sides, for other sensitive people like me, it can affect our resolve to maintain a keto diet.

So, don’t hesitate to look for the keto product that’ll be great for you, all-round. Perfect Keto did it for me, and maybe it can work for you too.