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Pruvit Reviews

My Experience With Pruvit

Okay, first, I want to say thanks for coming in and checking out this review. My name is Keira.  I am a lover of all things keto.

As you can imagine, the stress of the current world situation has meant I’ve been putting in LOTS of hours trying to keep up with my own health and wellness, as well as help others through this crazy time.

I’ve learned to deal with this pandemic one day at a time, and to stop eating out of stress or worry. It’s not worth it and it really hinders progress!

So even though I’m still in progress at my keto journey (been at it for several months now), I have already learned a lot about good products thanks to the help from kind folks on the Internet and some real-life friends. Pruvit has helped me get motivated and stay in ketosis.

It’s a lot like magic, really. What if I told you there was an affordable and delicious way to get and stay in ketosis? And what if it meant you didn’t have to give up your favorite foods?

Yes, that is right. This is a product that can help you through those high carb days. Now don’t get crazy- you can’t eat all the carbs and expect to stay in ketosis.

But you can enjoy a few here and there and not lose your stride.

Good diet, Pruvit products, and regular sessions at the gym have helped me lose and keep losing. So, keep reading to see why I know Pruvit will work for you, too.

Pruvit Review

About The Brand

Pruvit was started on a very simple principle: Make People Better. They decided to do this by creating supplements for ketogenic dieters, ketone supplement drinks to be precise.

They called this stuff Keto//OS. They carefully crafted their goods to optimize the potential of the supplement’s consumers.

They sell a variety of awesome products.

Their most famous offering is the NAT ketone drink, and the Keto Kreme, both of which I rely on heavily to get me through the day and live the keto way.

You can also try out the 10 Day Drink Ketones Challenge if you really want to test your limits!

The company is definitely welcoming and friendly to new customers, but you can tell they take healthy living seriously. Their name is portmanteau of “Prove” and “It,”- essentially, they want you to prove to yourself what you can do.

So, will you do it? Will YOU take the challenge to be your best self? I think you have what it takes!

Gets You Into Keto & Keeps You Motivated To Stay There

The way Pruvit works is to get you into ketosis by providing you fuel that you drink.  Pruvit drinks are ketone drinks.

What is a Ketone, and why does it matter?

Ketones are chemicals made by our liver. This stuff is made when we do not have adequate amounts of insulin in our body, which turns glucose, or sugar, into energy.

We need that energy. So, our body reaches for fat to make it happen.  Our liver works hard to turn fat into said ketones and then whisks them right into our bloodstream.

Then, our muscles, brain, and other body tissues can make use of them as fuel. You burn fat, and you feel awesome as you navigate your day.

One caveat: If you don’t have diabetes, this is OK; enjoy your ketones. If you DO have diabetes, too many ketones present a serious threat that could be deadly. My diabetic friends, please talk to your doctor about this before considering Keto//OS. Your safety is most important.


The act of getting into ketosis can take a while.

If you check out the fun animation on the landing page of the Pruvit website, they lay it out pretty straightforward; it can take weeks or months to reach a state of ketosis.

This stuff helps you get into it a lot faster. It can take as little as 60 minutes to reach nutritional ketosis.

It’s a prime example of an exogenous ketone supplement. These supplements are broken down into two sub-categories:

Ketone Esters- These are used in research but not for the general public. It’s just pure beta-hydroxybutyrate and has no additives whatsoever.

Ketone Salts- These are the form that most ketone supplements on the market take. It is what Keto//OS is. These salts contain ketones, which are most often bound to potassium, calcium, or sodium as a means of boosting the uptake. I’ve even seen magnesium as one of the binding minerals.

How Does Pruvit Work?

Most people will wonder how such a thing could work. As the old adage goes, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”  Getting into ketosis in a matter of hours? Sounds like a pipe dream!

And it’s not easy to stick with keto. I’ve kept it up but definitely had some days where I almost cracked. You have to stick with 15% proteins, 80% fats, and just 5% carbs. It’s hard to sustain, not gonna lie.

That birthday cake at my nephew’s birthday? Couldn’t touch it. Yeah, I was a little upset, but I realized I wanted to be healthy (and that there will be other birthday cakes in the future).

The point is, even if I had wanted that thing, I could have had it and gotten back into ketosis the next day thanks to exogenous ketone supplements, namely Pruvit’s Keto//OS.

This supplement increases your blood ketones rapidly, much faster than is the case with slowly building up ketones via fasting or the prolonged following of a ketogenic diet.

After the drink is consumed, beta-hydroxybutyrate absorbs into your bloodstream and then is transformed into a source of energy for your body.  The big draw is that these exogenous ketones boost up your ketone levels even when you are not in a ketogenic state prior to consuming them.

This is great news- science has brought us the ability to get into ketosis via supplementation, which makes the process that much faster, and brings us the benefits of ketosis quicker: That is, greater mental clarity, greater energy, and more weight loss.

What Are the Benefits of Keto//OS?

Pruvit Review

People often ask me, “What’s so great about these, and how will I feel?” Well, I went ahead and used my own experience plus what other users stated about this supplement to note the top five benefits of using Keto//OS.

Mood improvement: You’re using your body’s natural energy to get what you need and feel great. You’re not weighed down with greasy fast food, empty-calorie cereals, sodas, and snacks; you’re happy and satisfied.

You feel great because you’re not looking for your next food fix or wondering when you can hit up the vending machine next.

Losing Fat

When you get into ketosis, your body is using fat as energy. This means that extra fat you have stored on your body is going to be converted to energy. For me, this means my gut is slowly but surely getting smaller.

My friends at work have already said, I look great. I have a ways to go, but you are going to notice yourself getting smaller because it helps you get into that ketogenic state where fat is used as fuel.

Focus and Clarity

I find it easier to do my job each day. When I am picking and packing, it’s easy to zone out, and it’s normal; we all dream of when our shift ends so we can go home. But, this leads to mistakes being made.

This stuff is helping me stay on track and get my work done to the best of my ability with minimal mistakes due to lack of focus. I even feel fine going to the gym after a full day of work for a bike ride or a treadmill walk.

More Energy

The thing I like most about losing weight is that I feel more energetic. Yeah, my clothes are getting a bit baggy, and I notice my girlfriend looking at me more, which is nice- but I love feeling up for anything.

Me and my lady want to go for a walk after dinner? Sure, I’m up for it. Want to play catch with the nieces and nephews? Sure, why not.  Stay 2 extra hours at work for some OT pay? Sure.

Better Sleep

I used to fall right asleep and wake up feeling like dog poop when the alarm went off. Nowadays, I get up, and I still feel like I could sleep longer, but when I tell you I am enjoying quality sleep, I really mean it. I get up, and I feel alert and ready to start the day (after I have my coffee with Keto Kreme, of course).

These are the benefits I and others enjoyed. I liked that I quit thinking about snacks and food all the time, too. I became more creative; I learned how to make keto treats for myself. The benefits go on and on.

Where to Purchase? What Products Do You Recommend?

The best place to get your Pruvit products is on the Amazon USA website.

There you will see their full selection of products designed to make keto that much easier on you. If you feel a bit overwhelmed and you’re not sure what to start with, let me recommend two of my favorite products for you.

Product No. 1: Pruvit Keto/OS Nat Raspberry Lemonade

Pruvit Keto/OS NAT Raspberry Lemonade Charged(Keto OS NAT Raspberry Lemonade, 20 Sachets)

This is an awesome ketone supplement that is going to get you the greatest number of bioavailable ketone salts possible. It all happens naturally, hence the lettering on the front of the wrapper: NAT, which stands for Nutritionally Advanced Technology.

There are other flavors of this particular supplement available, which I also enjoy. Raspberry Lemonade is my personal favorite, but the Heart Tart and Lime Time come in a close second.

I prefer the Charged because drinking this stuff before a workout or before it’s time to sign in to work is a surefire way to keep me motivated and happy. Hey, remember,  I run a health and wellness blog! I need all the help I can get.

The secret of this stuff is called MAX NAT Blend. Using this revolutionary formula, Pruvit delivers ketogenic dieters quick DNA repair, healthful functioning of the cells, and also increases the number of essential amino acids you need to help rebuild your body after long days at work or in the warehouse.

Benefits of Raspberry Lemonade NAT

Here I will list out all the stuff I love about this particular supp- check it out!

Fat Loss

This stuff keeps my appetite at bay, so I eat less throughout the day. I have taken to enjoying smaller meals during breaks at work and having to pack less food when I head out for the day. Even on a weekend hike, all I need is a keto bar and a few pieces of jerky, and I feel great until lunch.

Rapid Repair

The blend of Keto/OS NAT has ingredients that help us rebuild our bodies after we put them through the wringer. Whether you’re lifting weights, running, or chasing the kids around, this stuff keeps you feeling good and less sore.


Do you daydream a lot at work? That’s common, but more than a few mistakes get made, and with those errors comes the need to focus better at work. This stuff has helped me be a better worker, so if you struggle with stuff like that, give this a try.

Calorie Count

These packets have only 50 calories a serving. It tastes way too good to just be 50 calories, but believe me – it’s healthy. There are heaps of good vitamins and minerals in these packets. Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, and Calcium are just a few of the goods waiting for you. You will also get sodium and magnesium, L-Taurine, Fermented L-Leucine, and C-Med 100, also known as Uncaria Tomentosa or Cat’s Claw.

These packets are vegan, and the storage of these packets is easy; simply keep them from being in direct sunlight.

Product No. 2: Keto Kreme 2.0

KETO//KREME 2.0 with Functional Fat Technology FFT, MCT Oils for Brain Boost, Reduce Joint Pain and Inflammation, Improve Digestive and Gut Health, Kickstart Natural Collagen Production, 20 Sachets

MCTS Galore

We all know how important it is to get our MCTs in when you’re on keto!  This stuff gets me all the energy I want, especially right in the morning.

I love my 5 am workouts but getting up that early is a bear- and having to head to the gym right after is waking up in my tookus at times.

This stuff makes it quite easy. This stuff uses the shortest available MCTs, so it easily converts to ketone energy, which the brain uses quicker than oils or fats. The formula gets you that energy instantly.

I whip up some of this stuff, drink it, and by the time I reach the parking lot at work, I’m ready to roll.


The absorption of this stuff is pretty fast, it won’t be stored as fat, and your cholesterol won’t go up.  And the body repair this stuff offers is fantastic; I rely on it with having a manual labor job and being a sort of gym rat.  Joint inflammation is also reduced, which is a plus.

Helping You Grow, Easy to Mix

Ladies, you are gonna love this because it helps the hair and nails grow thanks to the collagen production increase offered by this formula. It’s simple, just mix it up with your coffee or as a creamer in your favorite drinks. I put it in my thermos, and away I go each morning.

What’s in It?

This is a sweet cream flavor; it reminds me of the Italian Sweet Cream coffee creamer I used to buy before Keto. This stuff is made with Stevia and contains coconut butter, Ceylon cinnamon, and of course, MCTs.

Ceylon Cinnamon is great because it helps promote insulin sensitivity, lower blood sugar levels, and lower your triglycerides. It reduces LDL or bad cholesterol and is a great antioxidant.

This helps me block carbs and reduces calorie absorption. It also limits how your body turns sugar into fat, which helps me keep my weight in check and also helps me control appetite.

The coconut butter is awesome because it mixes easy, gets you antioxidants, and helps keep you healthy. It helps prevent the flu, helps you avoid fatigue, and boosts the immune system. It’s very rich and creamy, too.

I don’t feel hungry until about 9 am, which is just when my lunch is scheduled.

This bundle gets you 20 packets of the stuff, and it’s so worth it. You will love the taste and how it makes you feel.

FAQs about Pruvit

I will take this moment to talk about some Pruvit FAQs. I know most of you are going to go running off to the Amazon site and pick up this great stuff, which is totally fine; I encourage it but check these before you go. You might see the answer to your query.

How often can I use this stuff?

You can use it multiple times a day if you want; it all depends on the outcome you’re after. My recommendation is to follow the package directions. I take one packet per day, and I have been in a constant state of ketosis.

If you feel any negative side effects, halve the dosage and drink more water. If the symptoms subside, then slowly work your way back to the regular dose.  I advise taking this in the morning so your body can use the ketones without other sources of energy like sugar interfering.

Then you can take a second dose in the afternoon when most folks go through that afternoon slump.

Do I have to be on keto for this to work?

According to the website, no. You don’t need to modify your diet at all in order for the benefits of working. I choose to stay on keto because I find the lifestyle works for me.

It is a good idea to follow a low-carb diet (ease into it, so you make it a habit) as you will find the results are enhanced.

Pruvit Review

Can’t I just Use raspberry Ketones?

Raspberry ketones are not actually related to ketosis, the keto diet, nor is it a ketone supplement. These simply give raspberries that sweet smell we love. The ones you find in the store are often made synthetically, and natural raspberry ketones are quite pricey.

Meanwhile, Keto//OS is natural and a true ketone supplement that actually gets your body the ketones necessary to begin ketosis and reap their benefits.

I am gluten-free/Vegan/Sugar-free. Can I use this stuff?

Yes, you can! These products are totally vegan and totally safe for those of you that have to follow a gluten-free diet. These products are made with Stevia for sweetening purposes, so you needn’t worry about breaking your sugar fast or the way sugar makes us feel.

Best of all, it tastes absolutely wonderful, so it’s going to feel like you’re taking in a sweet treat when in reality, you’re doing a great thing for your body.

Wrapping It Up

Thank you for taking the time to read my review about Keto//OS and Pruvit products. I really think this stuff makes a huge difference for the better, as I feel it every day.

I’m personally doing better at work and in my life in general after adopting the keto lifestyle and fortifying it with Pruvit products and a healthy diet. I feel a lot more confident and focused when carrying out my daily tasks.

Most importantly, I am on the road to better health and longer life. For that, I say thank you to the keto diet, Pruvit, and my awesome gym; and I highly encourage anyone reading this article to go learn about Pruvit for yourself.