How To Speed Up Ketosis

How To Speed Up Ketosis

If you’ve recently begun a keto diet or are planning on doing so, you may be wondering how you can enter ketosis quickly or speed up the process to kick-start your weight loss journey. Well, you’re not alone. Even though several keto followers can begin the diet successfully, it often takes their bodies fairly long … Read more

What Is Dirty Keto and Lazy Keto

What Are Dirty Keto and Lazy Keto?

You’ve most likely heard of keto and ketosis being thrown around in the weight loss world recently. Keto diets are a popular weight-loss tool because they speed up a natural process known as ketosis through a strict diet of low carbs, moderate protein, and high-fat foods. Dirty keto and lazy keto are two newer forms … Read more

Does Keto Make You Tired

Does Keto Make You Tired

When on a diet, a big concern is energy level; after all, how much energy you have dictates the pace and flow of your entire life. This makes it quite important to know what to expect, whether it’ll ebb and flow, dip, or increase. Today, we’re covering the effects of a ketogenic diet on your … Read more

Can You Have a Cheat Day On Keto

Can You Have a Cheat Day on Keto?

Now, with any diet, one thing to keep in mind is cheating on it. After all, it’s easy to say you won’t cheat on your diet and you’ll stick to it, but sometimes you see some cheesecake and one slice couldn’t hurt, right? A cheesecake later, you realize that while one slice couldn’t hurt, the … Read more

What Is Keto Collagen

What Is Keto Collagen

Ketosis, ketones, keto, keto-diets – these are all terms that (unless you’ve been living in a world with no television, internet, or other media) you’ve probably heard recently, especially if you have been researching weight loss and diets. Keto diets are very popular and do seem to work for a lot of people. There are … Read more

Is The Ketogenic Diet Bad For Your Kidneys?

Is the Ketogenic Diet Bad for Your Kidneys

The keto diet is extremely popular nowadays, and with the advent of its popularity, there comes a large number of people who are concerned about its effect on their health. Remember, this lifestyle is one that encourages the consumption of cheese and bacon, which you don’t hear every day. Dieters worry that keto can affect … Read more

Keto Poop (What Is Normal And What Is Not?)

Keto Poop (What Is Normal and What Is Not?)

You already know about some keto side effects. You learned about the keto flu, for instance. You learned about how you might feel greater mental clarity and energy. You learned about the fat loss that happens, and why carb refeeds are necessary if you care to maintain the lifestyle on a long-term basis. But what … Read more

How Does Keto Affect Testosterone?

How Does Keto Affect Testosterone

This one is going to be just for the guys out there who might be curious about how the keto diet will affect their testosterone levels. How do ketones and ketone levels play into men’s T levels? Is it harmful for guys to go on the keto diet? This article seeks to explain all that … Read more